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Dolcevia.com is one of the most inspirational websites for tourists from the Netherlands and Belgium who love to vacation in Italy. It offers mindful inspiration to those independent travellers who love this country and prefer to discover Italy at a slower pace. Relishing pleasure from the act of travelling and discovery, savouring the culture and customs. People have so many options to travel these days and you can really go anywhere at anytime but it takes a mindful presence to really get in touch with the local way of life and perhaps make new friends.

Travelling at our pace implies having a little more time to spend somewhere, to dig deeper and perhaps go off the beaten path a little more often. However, the most important thing Dolcevia.com wants to do is help change the spirit of the journey in itself and offer guidance to ultimately gain more peace, harmony and relaxation in travel.

What is Dolcevia.com?

The website Dolcevia.com offers daily updated travel guides, gastronomy, lifestyle and tips on living in Italy. There are more than 6000 pages of information available to travellers and every month the site welcomes about 85,000 visitors in over 60 sections on a wide range of topics.

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