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Welcome to We started this website in 2008 in Dutch for people who love Italy, however since then our interests have developed and our tastes have diversified. I guess we also needed a change and a chance to explore more of the world. This part of is therefore dedicated to slow travelling the world, the same travel principles just a larger scope and involving so many more people in our quest to take the mass tourism out of  vacations. 

How to get married in Italy

Italy has literally hundreds of historic buildings in every medieval town or village and Most may be used for ceremonies, receptions, weddings and parties. For religious services you can use beautiful Protestant or Catholic churches and chapels. There are venues available for other religions as well.

Stunning Aerial Shots of Italy

An exceptional series with drone recordings of numerous Italian regions and cities, unimaginable images, each outdoing the other. I cannot make a choice which one I like best, but if I had to, the Matera cave dwellings would be somewhere in the top of my personal list. Don't miss the video of a completely empty Florence during the Corona lockdown and the emotional images of an abandoned Rome with the Tricolore flying over it. Those who love Sardinia can enjoy the beautiful beach images, and if you think about your ski holiday, how about a bird's eye view around the Matterhorn.

The best virtual exhibitions and museums in Italy

Italy is in lockdown and because of the coronavirus and we are advised to stay at home. Anyone who wants to visit the cultural heritage of italy, without leaving home, we have launched a series of monuments and exhibitions you can visit virtually. Or maybe you had no opportunity to visit all the museums you wanted to see during your holiday? We present more than 30, which we think are a ´must see´: from the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence to the Capodimonte museum in Naples, take this opportunity to see them all (thanks to the Culture & Arts Initiative by Google).