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Dive into the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine, a gastronomic journey that spans from the sun-kissed coasts of Sicily to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. From the simplicity of a Margherita pizza to the complexity of Osso Buco, Italian food is a celebration of fresh ingredients, time-honored traditions, and a passion for life at the table. Whether it's the comfort of pasta, the allure of regional wines, or the sweetness of a tiramisu, Italy's culinary heritage is a testament to the nation's love affair with food. Join us as we explore the dishes, stories, and flavors that make Italian cuisine one of the world's most beloved.

  • Italian truffles 1.01 - everything you need to know

    White truffle

    There are at least 8 different types of truffle in Italy, including the coveted white truffle. Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and the Marche are among the most popular regions for truffle hunting.

  • Cinque Terre Vineyards

    Travelling through Cinque Terres winecountry

    The Cinque Terre – or Five Lands – is home to one of Italy's most famous National Parks. It's one of the crown jewels of the Mediterranean, and anyone who hasn't been there should definitely plan a trip through the famed five fishing villages that make up the area. We

  • Tables with a view in Italy

    Aldo´s Bar at Hotel La Siranuse

    Are you looking for a good Italian restaurant with a phenomenal view? If you have time and room in your stomach, you can have excellent food every day for a reasonable price during your entire stay. However, some people might want to dig a little deeper for a table with a

  • Hazelnut Cake (Torta di Nocciole)

    Torta di Nocciole by Azienda Agricole Tastelanghe

    Some recipes are handed down through generations, this is a perfect example a scrumptious cake that brings out the true flavour of the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut,  Made without using any flour at all. 

  • Panettone pudding

    Panettone pudding

    your Leftover panettone or pandoro can easily be used in an upgraded bread pudding. Although you can choose from a whole range of recipes for leftovers of Christmas, this budino is one of the best. A recipe from Anna del Conte. This delicious dessert is perfect after two or

  • Tarte de Mougins with black olives

    Tarte de Mougins with olives

    This recipe is originally from Robert Vergier, the most famous chef from the Provence, who sadly passed away in 2017. His Michelin star restaurant in Mougins still exists but this aromatic savory pie is unfortunately no

  • Risotto in 5 easy steps

    Risotto in 5 easy steps

    With Risotto, time and care are the most important ingredients. Take out about 20 minuted to carry out the process of stirring and adding moisture. The choice of rice depends on the recipe, but at the end of the day this is a fairly simple dish that everyone should be able

  • Marvelous Molise


    I recently attended a theater performance where the protagonists travel from south to north across the Boot, and back again. Setting off on their journey, they plan their trip region by region, scratching their heads somewhere in the middle…Ah, yes. They would need to stop in ...

  • What is a traditional Italian Christmas dinner?

    Cappon Magro from A Small Kitchen in Genoa

    When I asked our Italian trainee, Arriana,  to tell me about Christmas dinner at her house, how her mother prepares it and what dishes she puts on the table, she wrote me this little essay, which I thought was too nice not to share with everyone. Enjoy, and a merry

  • The Italian Riviera around the village of Laigueglia

    The hinterlands of Laigueglia on the Italian Riviera

    Here, where the sun always seems to shine and the sandy beach beckons, you can immerse yourself in a world of sun-drenched pleasures and culinary delights. Laigueglia, a name that sounds like a Mediterranean melody (lah-ee-GLYAH), invites me to visit the Agriturismo

  • Albenga, favorite Slow Food beach town on the Italian Riviera

    Albenga towers

    Let me be clear: Albenga has a longer history than Rome and is undoubtedly a wonderful beach destination. What is less well known is that the soil here is so fertile that the Albenga area is almost better known in Italy as an agricultural area with a

  • Garum, a new museum of kitchens in Rome

    Garum, kitchen museum of Rome

    One of the cutest museums I discovered by chance in Rome is the kitchen museum, Museo della Cucina, uniquely named Garum, which was a fish sauce in Roman times. Granted it's a hobby of mine, so my interest may not be the same as my readers. It's also a bit

  • Christmas in Italy: Panettone in Milano and Pandoro in Verona

    Photo : Food photographer Jennifer Pallian

    It is almost impossible to ignore the big blue and red boxes in the supermarket during the holidays. The Italian Panettone has nestled itself forever on the shelves. If you've ever been tempted to take a Panettone home, you'll most likely, like me, have been a little

  • A taste of Tuscany, slow travel itinerary from Siena to the coast.

    Val d´Orcia

    This top gourmet itinerary that includes medieval abbeys, castles and takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. It can be done by car or on a Vespa scooter, from Siena it crosses the Val d'Orcia and then towards the

  • How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol

    How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol

    ´Spritz Aperol is a nice refreshing aperitivo from the Veneto and very easy to make. Ít is a variation of the Spritz or Spritzer, a drink that was introduced to northeastern Italy during the Austrian occupation, when the Austrians were exploiting the Veneto and

  • Hugo - My favorite Alpine cocktail

    Hugo - My favorite Alpine cocktail

    This vibrant summer treat is slowly starting to conquer the world. In contrast to the popular Spritz Aperol from the Veneto, this cocktail does not have the slightly bitter Amaro taste, but it is light and fresh. A popular aperitivo that you will certainly encounter on

  • The perfect Osso Buco recipe

    My mama's perfect Osso Buco recipe

    The recipe for this dish originated in Milan. When it is well prepared, this is one of my favourite Italian dishes, especially when it´s cold outside and you crave some real soul food. It´s a shame that many restaurants use a poor quality cuts of meat to make this dish.

  • The only original recipe for Tiramisù

    The Original Tiramisu recipe

    The story about the origin of the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu was first told to me by chef Celestino Giacomello of the famous hotel  Gritti Palace  in Venice. He also assured me that this dish is at least as authentic Venetian as a gondolier. 

  • Rabbit stew with polenta and pomegranate

    Sweet and sour rabbit stew with polenta and pomegranate

    This dish with wild rabbit or hare is simple, incredibly tasty, and very festive, but it takes some patience. The polenta needs time to firm up so you can easily cut it into slices later. The origine of this dish goes to Friuli-Venzia Giulia, the mountainous regions where

  • Hot & Spicy Campari Cocktail (Vin Brulé)

    Hot & Spicy Campari Cocktail (Vin Brulé)

    An adventurous vin brulé for those who like a bit of spice because this cocktail uses one whole red pepper. Initially, I thought the slightly bitter taste might put some people off, so I tried it with Aperol but that just doesn't work. Anyway, the red color