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Wineresort Forestiera Filadivino & Spa
Wineresort Forestiera Filadivino & Spa
Open map of the best wineresorts in Italy

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September marks the start of Italy's heavenly food season, when the vineyards are in full party mode and most of the tourists have gone home. The best of Italian cuisine comes to the table! From north to south, these are Italy's finest wine resorts, where vineyards and tastings make you feel in paradise. Treat yourself to the most sublime red and white wines and haute cuisine.

Rooms with views over the vineyards, exclusive visits to the wineries and the most elaborate wine tasting sessions. This is the promise of a stay at one of these wonderful wine resorts. These are the best addresses we could find for a holiday or weekend getaway. This time we start in southern Italy

Southern Italy

A stay at Mastroberardino vineyards

Campania has some top wines, and if you're smart, after a short stay on the Amalfi Coast or in the city of Naples, you could spend a few nights at the resort in the vineyards of Mastroberardino's award-winning wines, such as Radici Taurasi or Greco di Tufo. The chef is a highly skilled professional who is eager to let his guests taste the local dishes that go best with the wines of the house. See Tenuta di Montemarano: click here.

Swimming Pool of La Forestiera in Menfi

Exclusive wine tour of Sicily with the Planeta family

Along one of my favourite coastlines, between Menfi and Marsala (about 100 km south of Trapani), are the oldest vineyards of the Planeta family. Until 20 years ago, this was the only quality wine produced in Sicily. Planeta is perhaps one of the oldest wineries in the world, spanning 17 generations. As early as the year 500, the first foundations were laid in the Baglio, where it all began.

Planeta offers you a fascinating wine tasting tour through the Sicilian vineyards from north to south. In the towns of Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, on Mount Etna and Capo Milazzo you can taste wine, as well as their olive oil extra virgin. You can book the tours including an extensive tasting and aperocena in advance through their website or book an overnight stay.

Planeta Estates, prices and reservations
La Forestiera in Menfi

A short video about the Planeta winery


If you have a look at the map, you will see that it is actually a perfect tour of the island for the enjoyment of beautiful panoramas. The Formula Planeta Estate offers you a series of exclusive tastings with hospitality at their Tenuta in Noto, in La Forestiera, a top class resort near Menfi) and in the center of Palermo in a stately Palazzo owned by the family. You can get a better look at all the unique lodging addresses at Planeta's website and Planeta Estates. If you can't stay at Planeta, I've got a great tip for you: Baglio San Vincenzo is just down the road, a wine resort with great cuisine, swimmingpool, large rooms with sea views and democratic prices.

Central Italy

Borgo Conde Wine Resort


Borgo Condé Wine Resort is located in Fiumana, Emilia Romagna, in the heart of its own 110 hectare vineyard in the hills of Forlivesi. Click here for more information and prices.

Borgo Conde Wine Resort Swimming Pool

The San Giovese

In the heart of Tuscany's Valdarno lies a spectacular medieval village owned by the Ferragamo family, who have restored it to its former glory. Now part of the exclusive Relais & Chateaux chain, it boasts a 19th-century villa and an ancient wine cellar accessible through an art gallery. Not far from Montalcino, in the panorama of the Val d'Orcia, is the Castello di Velona, a medieval fortress transformed into a Renaissance villa and now a wine resort with 44 rooms and suites among rose bushes, cypresses and Sangiovese vines. Castello di Velona

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

A magical place for a magical wine, still my preferential wine and a unique old wine varietie of Le Marche. Between past, present and future lies Filodivino, a few kilometers from Morro d'Alba, in the Marche region: The charming Relais can be reached by a scenic dirt road. It has just eight rooms, all with views of the countryside and vineyards, as well as an infinity pool, a sublime wine cellar and a restaurant on a spectacular veranda.Filodivino in Le Marche Filodivino Tastings


If you think you've tasted enough wine in the cellars of the town of Orvieto (Umbria), we know of another excellent address for wine lovers just a short-distance away. The Altarocca Wine Resort has an exceptional view of the Tufo Canyon and is the ideal place to discover the beauty of this beautiful region. Umbria is rich in tradition, history and art and as well as wine tasting there is always a Sagra to visit or the Roman ruins of San Gemini or the waterfalls of Marmore.

. Altarocca in Orvieto Room at Wine Resort Altarocca in Orvieto

Northern Italy


Il Boscareto is a five-star resort located in the town of Derraluna d'Alba among the rolling hills of the Langhe Region. At La Rei, one of the finest restaurants in the world, you can enjoy one of the best cuisines in the world, accompanied by an endless selection of wines, and of course, unparalleled views of the Barolo vineyards.

The stunning view from Il Boscareto

In the province of Cuneo, I can propose to you the Relais San Maurizio, an ancient monastery dating back to the 17th century (with a prestigious wine cellar), where nature and man have always lived side by side.

Relais San Maurizio



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