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Italian & Mediterranean recipes

Some of our favourite Italian dishes

Food & Culinary tradition are probably the most import reason we love Italy. Enjoy our favourite recipes from the Italian kitchen.

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Nutrition value: 385 Kcal
Level of difficulty: Average
Heritage: Trapani, Sicily
Sicilian couscous, Trapani style

You don't have to travel to North Africa to get your fill of couscous - in southern Italy, especially Sicily, it is quite a common dish, largely due to the Arabic influence on the island since ancient times. In fact, Sicily even plays host to an annual international couscous festival, where chefs compete to concoct the best couscous dish around. So while it may have originated as a humble wheat dish in the Maghreb, leave it to the Italians to go one better.

Nutrition value: 600 Kcal
Level of difficulty: Average
Heritage: Venice
The Original Tiramisu recipe

The story about the origin of the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu was first told to me by chef Celestino Giacomello of the famous hotel  Gritti Palace  in Venice. He also assured me that this dish is at least as authentic Venetian as a gondolier. 

Nutrition value: 564 Kcal
Level of difficulty: Average
Egg Benedict with salmon
Andy Luotto is an old friend from Rome. Since his restaurants in the eternal city are closed during the pandemic, he took the time to write down some of his recipes for me. Like me, Andy is half American, born in New York, but he became even more of a celebrity  as a TV chef in Italy. Egg Benedict is, of course, originally a New Orleans dish, but Andy made an Italian variation of it that wouldn't look out of place on a festive breakfast table.

Nutrition value: 280 Kcal
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Milan
Panettone pudding

your Leftover panettone or pandoro can easily be used in an upgraded bread pudding. Although you can choose from a whole range of recipes for leftovers of Christmas, this budino is one of the best. A recipe from Anna del Conte. This delicious dessert is perfect after two or three days of intensive gourmet eating.  

Nutrition value: 195 kcal
Level of difficulty: Average
Heritage: Provence / LIguria
Tarte de Mougins with olives

This recipe is originally from Robert Vergier, the most famous chef from the Provence, who sadly passed away in 2017. His Michelin star restaurant in Mougins still exists but this aromatic savory pie is unfortunately no more on the menu. Delicious as an appetizer with an aperitif or as an antipasto, I make it at least once a year. When i recently made it for a group of Italian women, they kept asking me for the recipe, so it must be good. If possible use greek olives, which usually only sell with pits, so that's an extra quarter of an hour's work. Since I can't find Greek olives in Italy I use the spicy Taggia olives from LIguria. 


Nutrition value: 350 calories
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Milano
Risotto in 5 easy steps

With Risotto, time and care are the most important ingredients. Take out about 20 minuted to carry out the process of stirring and adding moisture. The choice of rice depends on the recipe but at the end of the day this is a fairly simple dish that everyone should be able to make.

Nutrition value: 500 kcal
Level of difficulty: Average
Heritage: Lombardia
Sweet and sour rabbit stew with polenta and pomegranate

This dish with wild rabbit or hare is simple, incredibly tasty and very festive but it takes some patience. The polenta needs time to firm up so you can easily cut it into slices later.

Nutrition value: 350
Level of difficulty: Average
Heritage: Milano
My mama's perfect Osso Buco recipe

The recipe for this dish originated in Milan. When it is well prepared, this is one of my favourite Italian dishes, especially when it´s cold outside and you crave some real soul food. It´s a shame that many restaurants use a poor quality cuts of meat to make this dish. What is the correct name? Osso Buco, Ossobuco or Osso Bucco, I have found all 3 used in Italy, however I will stick to Osso Buco, with one c. Adding tomato, I indicated as an option in this recipe, is the way the dish is prepared in Emilia Romagna.

Nutrition value: 370 calories
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Vernazzola, Genoa Italy
Risotto Vernazzolana with basil and king prawns

This dish is inspired upon a basil infused green risotto I once ate at a seaside restaurant in Genoa called Santa Monica. I had a bunch of fresh spinach and a few prawns left in the fridge plus a beautiful bunch of freshly picked basil from the nearby town of Pra.  I was afraid that the spinach may over power the basil, so I put some aside to decorate.  The combination of fresh sweet basil with fresh spinach was actually much better than I had expected however adding the torn fresh basil leaves on top of the dish is an absolutely improved culinary experience. In fact, I think this may be one of my favourite risotto's ever with its bright green colour contrasted by bright pink prawns, I could even imagine this topped with a piece of salmon.  Be sure to clean  your prawns, remove the shell but leave the tail.

Nutrition value: 120 calories
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Alto-Adige
Hugo - My favorite Alpine cocktail

This vibrant summer treat is slowly starting to conquer the world. In contrast to the popular Spritz Aperol from the Veneto, this cocktail does not have the slightly bitter Amaro taste, but it is light and fresh. A popular aperitivo that you will certainly encounter on holiday in Northern Italy and especially in restaurants and on terraces in the region of Trentino and Alto Adige, the apple country of Europe, the Hugo originally comes from Bolzano. The main ingredient is elderflower syrup, which you can usually find in your local health food store.

Nutrition value: 600 calories
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Piemonte
Torta di Nocciole by Azienda Agricole Tastelanghe

Some recipes are handed down through generations, this is a perfect example a scrumptious cake that brings out the true flavour of the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut,  Made without using any flour at all. also Available to buy at TASTËLANGHE Azienda Agricole in Piemonte. 

Nutrition value: 120 calories
Level of difficulty: Easy
Heritage: Venice
How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol

´Spritz Aperol is a nice refreshing aperitivo from the Veneto and very easy to make. Ít is a variation of the Spritz or Spritzer, a drink that was introduced to northeastern Italy during the Austrian occupation, when the Austrians were exploiting the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and found wine was too heavy to drink straight and in an effort to lighten the taste, literally added water to the wine.