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Pisa's Galileo Galilei airport is almost in the city centre, and if you haven't already been there, you will undoubtedly arrive or depart from it next time when you visit Tuscany. If you don't want to pick up a rental car yet, you can take the little train into the city or you can drive directly to Florence (70 km) or Lucca (25 km).

With the arrival of low-cost airlines and the desire to become a major international airport, Pisa has invested heavily in its infrastructure, making it one of the most accessible airports in Italy.


Pisa itself actually has a lot more to offer than the Leaning Tower, a sight that you obviously must see. But most people just skip the town, they just take the famous Leaning Tower photo and move on to the next destination, and if it had not been for the fact that I had to spend a night there, that is probably exactly what I would have done.


I discovered an enchanting center however, with pretty shops and picturesque streets, a beautiful bank along the Arno River with imposing villas reflected in quiet waters. There are a number of hotels in the center of Pisa that could be described as 'convenient', clean and comfortable, but nothing to write home about. But I found a few alternatives.

Hotels near Pisa Airport

La Corte di Stelio

I have never stayed in a hotel that was a 3 minute walk from the departure lounge of an airport (excluding airport hotels of course). La Corte di Stelio is a nice little complex with only low-rise buildings in a large garden. You can park your car inside the gate.

corte di stelio

The small hotel is dedicated to serving guests who need to get to the airport at any time of the day or night. 24 hour check-in and check-out! The rooms are well-equipped, most of them have a door into the garden, and they are very reasonably priced. If you have already returned your rental car, hop on a bike (from the hotel) and ride into the city center or to a recommended restaurant nearby for a delicious Italian meal. You could try ´All Bandierine´ in Via Mercanti 4, phone 039 050 500000, I've had a good experience with that.

La Corte di Stelio, Via Sant'Agostino, 285, 56121 Pisa PI - Prices and reservations

Restaurant nearby

Alle Bandierine, Via Mercanti, 4, 56127 Pisa PI - http://www.ristoranteallebandierine.it/

Hotel Villa Casanova

villa casanova

A fairy tale, but even better! Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful hotel in the most beautiful setting, and you'll begin to understand just what Villa Casanova is going to mean to you. Something you will never forget. A building that has been there for centuries, part of a 40-acre estate with several farms and villas on the property. A beautiful infinity pool with the valley as a backdrop that changes color with the seasons. The sea is less than half an hour away should you wish to go there before you leave. The airport is just 20 km away and a taxi is easily arranged. Nearby (2 km) you will find an excellent restaurant ´Il Borgetto del Castello´.

Hotel Villa Casanova, Via di Casanova di Balbano, 55100 Lucca - Prices and reservations

Restaurant nearby

Il Borghetto del Castello, Via di Poggio, 3205 Traversa II, Lucca Nozzano Castello, phone 0583 368791 or 347 333 3498 - https://il-borghetto-del-castello.business.site/

Villa Tower Inn

Villa Towen Inn

This is a lovely hotel in a 19th-century villa with a garden, despite the somewhat misleading name and logo, which reminds me more of a Taco Bell than a romantic hotel. The whole place is exceptionally tastefully decorated with modern and antique pieces and great attention to detail. The breakfast room, which seems to merge into the white and grey marble kitchen, is a picture. The breakfast, incidentally, is excellent.

It is 400 meters from the Leaning Tower and the city center. To get to the airport (2.7 km) it is best to take a taxi. Parking at the hotel is not a problem, but there is no security, so it is better not to have anything in the car. There are several restaurants in the area, but I can recommend ´Peperoncino´, it is located directly behind the Botanical Garden, near the Piazza dei Miracoli (where the leaning tower is).

Pisa Villa Tower Inn, Via Bonanno Pisano, 62, 56126 Pisa PI - Prices and reservations

Restaurant in the area

Il Peperoncino, Via Santa Maria, 95, 56126 Pisa PI - https://m.facebook.com/ristoranteilpeperoncino

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