As editor of, the largest portal in Holland and Belgium for discerning lovers of Italy, I believe that professional travel journalism is what tourists still want to read even on the web. However, it has been difficult to find professionally written articles online. is now translating, enhancing and publishing travel editorial in cooperation with a growing group of professional ITALIAN travel writers.

We believe that tourists from abroad, such as in our market, should have access to absolutely the best publicity and quality travel information when the E.N.I.T. cannot provide it due to lack of budget.

Italian travel writers and (photo)journalists we publish are :
Laura Testa, Mirko Sotgiu, Claudio Falanga, Luciana Francesca Rebonato, Patrizia Bertini , Luca Pollini, Giancarlo Roveri, Marta Camillo, Nicoletta Diamanti, Rosanna Fudoli, Franca Scotti, Giuseppe Ortolano, Carmen Rolle e.a., who are known to work for the best of Italian publishers such as Bell'Italia, Dove, Il Giornale, La Republica, some have even written over a 100 books. We are also working on video content in cooperation with Silvia Vaccarezza from Si viaggiare.

How can you be involved?

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