Why would I want to generate Rich Snippets Code for my Lodging or hotel website? 

Rich Snippets is a bit of code you can add to your website that enables your business to offer important information about your business to the search engines. It helps present your most important bits of information in the most useful way for consumers in the search engine results.  You may be familiar with the term SERP (the result displayed when someone searches for your website or keywords related to your website). Usually the SERP includes your web page name, a description of your page and a URL with which we link to your page. Adding Rich Snippets to your website allows Google to extract some information and place it in the 'cards' above the list of search results, thereby giving your company more visibility.   

Results created with rich snippets

By using this 'mark-up' we can deliver more precise information to consumers via the search engine by filtering out other information. For example your website address, check in time, telephone number or if you accept pets. Within a lodging website there may also be additional sets of structured data that can be marked up  (depending on the hotel) these could include: restaurant, day spa, event venue, reservations, book now.  If you would like more advanced help with more specific mark up please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to consult the Schema.org list of available mark up for Lodging Businesses, please check this here.

Generate your rich snippets now

The following form will allow you to generate rich snippets code, this code you must insert in your webpages just before this tag </head>. This code provides the search engines with a standard set of data.

This code will not work for any other business types including vacation rental homes.

After you correctly submit the form your code will be sent to you in JSON format to the email provided. This service is complementary for Dolcevia.com lodging partners. Enjoy!

We will send your code to this email address.
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