Founded back in 2008, has been successfully working in the travel industry and has been recognized as a vibrant, reliable, trustworthy and fast-growing company. Today, is a thriving full service company with an innovative website that offers the industry's widest selection of vacation options for the Italy traveler. We don't only specialize in Italy we also specialize in premium content about Italy written by the best travel writers. That's why if you want to make a great impression we not only can provide you with the best travel information we are great at presenting it.

Dolcevia's team is made up of highly qualified travel experts, professional agencts and specialists that will help you design your dream corporate retreat, incentive or meeting in Italy into an unforgettable experience that will exceed your expectations.

Why our corporate retreat & incentives organisers are different?

We are unique because we went from a simple background of being travel agents to running an internet company with millions of visitors however our humble beginning meant we never lost track of the fact that customer service is number one and we just still love making people happy. However we live in new times and that calls for a different approach to corporate meeting organisation. Being able to bring you the best of Italy without comprimising your privacy, security and communications has therefore become increasingly important to us.

We have slightly modified the way we work as opposed to our competitors, from 2018 we only work with digitally signed email, secure private chat systems and if needed a fully secure SSL certified space online to post any documents needed for your group. Our agents are trained to keep your company information private, therefore all requests we make on your behalf will not mention you the client or your company name before you take out an option at the accommodation or service provider. We also take precautions such as reviewing the security of internet wifi networks at your hotel location or offering a temporary secure mobile hotspot network if needed. If you are inviting VIP's and are in need of extra security at your location please do not hesitate to request this and we will put you in touch with the right local contacts.

Some of the companies we have worked for


Innovation Norway, The Hague
AutoSlaap Trein EETC, Delft
Belgacom/Skynet, Belgium
Alexala, Agenzia Turistica locale della provincia di Alessandria, Italy
Commune di Cervia, Paris
Belga Film, Brussels
Telenet N.V., Mechelen
Carsontheweb, Leuven
TRUVO, Amsterdam
Clearsense, Amsterdam
Markee Advertising, Gent
Wave Street Studios, Monterey, USA
Star Alliance, Brussels
Starwood Hotels
10 advertising, Antwerp
General Motors - OPEL, Antwerp
Live, USA

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