is a fast growing e-magazine about Italy. To advertise on does not only mean eyeball contact with the Italy minded population of Belgium (Dutch speaking) and The Netherlands, it creates a buzz, a 'I saw it on Dolcevia' sort of feeling, belonging to an exclusive community of Italy

Download offers advertising that is not seen as commercial messaging but rather as story-telling relating to people's interest. However, if you want a banner of course you can have that too.
Do you want to know more about's demographics? Understandable: our constantly updated stats are viewable in the Dolcevia Media Profile*.

We have numerous ways to reach your target audience and if we don't offer it yet, we will invent it for you because we like to be flexible, and we aren't a bureaucratic organization. Browse the following options and check if any of these are right for you.


ProductPlus is a cross-promotional concept carrying the characteristics of a regular landing page/editorial article but is linked to various editorial articles which provide information about a particular region of tourism. This type of advertising is particularly suitable for tourism regions and companies who have a budget collaboration for promotional campaigns in the Dutch and Belgian market.

Regional Pages

Regional Pages are an opportunity to show a region and all its facets to a large audience within the exclusive environment of The pages consist of a top header banner with your regional logo, an interactive map, editorials about the region and various modules and advertising spaces for your subcontractors. Exposure for an APT or tourism office is present on category landing page as well as internal pages of the section i.e. editorial articles on the region provided by our editorial desk.

Landing pages for Property Management Companies

Certain of our sections are always well ranked in the search results on the search engines Google and Bing! You can list your properties on and become the top of mind property agency in Italy for our visitors. This sponsoring opportunity gives your company a private page with exclusive information on your services. The set up of the page is substantial value and it will appear directly under our category page for Villa Rentals in Italy or in our new Real Estate section!

Accommodation Landing Pages

A listing on is not just a listing, it is more like a recommendation of an experienced traveller. Included in the (low) set up fee is a professionally written text about your property. Dolcevia has special sections for agritourism, Bed and Breakfast, small charming hotels, resorts and hotels and villa rental by owner. Each property description includes a map and pictures. Please see our Italian section for more information.

Display advertising offers a wide range of banner display options and campaign possibilities. Please feel free to request our advertising rate sheet.

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