Information in English aims to be a name which is top of mind Italy connoisseur, a touchstone and trusted brand for people who love Italy from all parts of the world, who share the values of Italian culture and lifestyle, who buy Italian luxury brands, travel to Italy for leisure and/or business, enjoy the cuisine, industrial and product design or the best food and wine Italy has to offer.

A small company which is able to challenge the marketplace by embracing technology but never loosing sight of it's roots in the Travel Industry. At Harper Douglas MAX we acknowledge the need to bridge a growing divide between Travel, IT, the Creative Industry and SME companies. We know that's a lot of work but we are proud to carry on a tradition of vision, creativity and hard work. is a fast growing e-magazine about Italy. To advertise on does not only mean eyeball contact with the Italy minded population of Belgium (Dutch speaking) and The Netherlands, it creates a buzz, a 'I saw it on Dolcevia' sort of feeling, belonging to an exclusive community of Italy

Founded back in 2008, has been successfully working in the travel industry and has been recognized as a vibrant, reliable, trustworthy and fast-growing company. Today, is a thriving full service company with an innovative website that offers the industry's widest selection of vacation options for the Italy traveler. We don't only specialize in Italy we also specialize in premium content about Italy written by the best travel writers. That's why if you want to make a great impression we not only can provide you with the best travel information we are great at presenting it. currently reaches between 2500 and 3700 Dutch and Belgian visitors per day Our growth rate is currently on average 18-20% per month (December 2015), 60% visitors are from Netherlands, 40% from Flanders Belgium and other countries. Dolcevia breathes Italian culture and style; we promote Italy as a holiday destination and Made in Italy products and brands. We cater to the discerning traveller and the well-informed Italian style and brand enthusiast.

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