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The Dolcevia.com mediakit 2020

We would like to announce our new Mediakit for Dolcevia.com 2019

Transparent visitor statistics

Dolcevia.com reaches from 80,000 - 120.000 Italy lovers per month in 2019. In addition to the normal reports on the use of the website, we know more about this market because we conduct two consumer surveys a year. From our figures and results, we can identify trends and respond to them before others do. That's what makes Dolcevia.com special because as far as we know nobody does this on the Dutch-speaking market. If you want to know what is going to be popular next year, just ask, we have the answer.

Generate Rich Snippets Code for Lodging Businesses

Why would I want to generate Rich Snippets Code for my Lodging or hotel website?  Rich Snippets is a bit of code you can add to your website that enables your business to offer important information about your business to the search engines. It helps present your most important bits of information in the most useful way for consumers in the search engine results.  You may be familiar with the term SERP (the result displayed when someone searches for your website or keywords related to your website). Usually the SERP includes your web page name, a description of your page and a URL with which we link to your page. Adding Rich Snippets to your website allows Google to extract some information and place it in the 'cards' above the list of search results, thereby giving your company more visibility.   


Dolcevia.com is a fast growing e-magazine about Italy. To advertise on Dolcevia.com does not only mean eyeball contact with the Italy minded population of Belgium (Dutch speaking) and The Netherlands, it creates a buzz, a 'I saw it on Dolcevia' sort of feeling, belonging to an exclusive community of Italy

Corporate Group Travel & Incentives in Italy

Founded back in 2008, Dolcevia.com has been successfully working in the travel industry and has been recognized as a vibrant, reliable, trustworthy and fast-growing company. Today, Dolcevia.com is a thriving full-service company with an innovative website that offers the industry's widest selection of holiday options for the Italy traveller. We don't only specialize in Italy we also specialize in premium content about Italy written by the best travel writers. That's why if you want to make a great impression we not only can provide you with the best travel information we are great at presenting it.

Project 'Ceci n'est pas un blog'

As editor of Dolcevia.com, the largest portal in Holland and Belgium for discerning lovers of Italy, I believe that professional travel journalism is what tourists still want to read even on the web. However, it has been difficult to find professionally written articles online.

Announcing the launch of our themed sections in Tourism & Gastronomy in Italy

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the first speciality sections on Dolcevia.com in The Netherlands and Belgium

About Harper Douglas-Max

A small company which is can challenge the marketplace by embracing technology but never loosing sight of its roots in the Travel Industry. At Harper Douglas MAX we acknowledge the need to bridge a growing divide between Travel, IT, the Creative Industry and SME companies. We know that's a lot of work, but we are proud to carry on a tradition of vision, creativity and hard work. 

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