MEDIAKIT 2019 SlowItaly

Si prega di compilare le seguenti informazioni per ricevere il nostro nuovo mediakit 2019.

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This form will be received by our billing department, a representative should be back with you shortly for further details regarding your page on If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us in Italy at +39 3737710105. 

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You may add a file with a description of your property or product to this form. It will be used to help create an accurate description in Dutch however we may also use information that is available on your website. Please no more than than 1000 words.

After you have successfully completed this registration you may send us 20 images of your property or product through or - Please do not send us images via email. The size of your images must be at least 1340px in width and will probably block your or our email if sent directly. The images should show the property features and the character of the property as effectively as possible.

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Questo modulo può essere utilizzato per contattarci. Se avete domande, non esitate a chiamarci in Italia al numero +39 3737710105.

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You may use this form to contact us or if your question is urgent please call +39 3737710105.