How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol
How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol
Time: 10 mins
Portions: 1
Nutrition: 120 calories kcal
Level: Easy
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´Spritz Aperol is a nice refreshing aperitivo from the Veneto and very easy to make. Ít is a variation of the Spritz or Spritzer, a drink that was introduced to northeastern Italy during the Austrian occupation, when the Austrians were exploiting the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and found wine was too heavy to drink straight and in an effort to lighten the taste, literally added water to the wine.

A short history of the Aperol Spritz

The locals didn't appreciate it, and to restore the 'wine' to some degree, they added a few typical Hapsburger ingredients. Story goes, that this is why the Spritz Aperol was invented and why an Italian drink received an Austrian name. The literal translation of the word Spritz is syringe or injection. Other fresh and delicious Italian aperitivo drinks are the Hugo (Alto Adige) for example which contains prosecco, elderberry syrup and mint and the Bellini (made with fresh peach juice and prosecco) or the Campari Spritz, which is made the same as the Aperol Spitz, just use Campari bitter instead of Aperol.  

  • 40% Prosecco
  • 30% sparkling mineral water
  • 30% Aperol
  • a slice of orange
Recipe steps:
  • The main ingredients are usually Aperol, sparkling dry white wine (prosecco or spumante) en mineral water.
    The amounts of each will vary, but most recipes stick to the following proportions:
  • Put ice cubes in a tall glass, add the Aperol and the prosecco and top off with some sparkling water. Cut thin slices of orange and add this to the drink. Stir a few times before serving.
  • You could make a variation and use Campari instead of Aperol, which has a distinct bitter taste! However, personally I prefer the classic Aperol for an authentic Spritzer, it´s a bit sweeter and slightly more peppery.The name of the Spritzer comes from the popular Aperol, which has a bright orange color. The alcohol content of the drink is variable, but should not exceed 15°.

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