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Valeggio sul Mincio in the Veneto

If you look at the Veneto region as a visitor, you will see a very varied picture, because apart from the great attraction that is Venice, the region is made up of vineyards, where most of the sparkling wine comes from. Then we have the endless Po Valley and the Po Delta, which fills the Italian warehouses.

Smaller rivers like the Mincio, with ancient villages, canals like the Brenta, where the influential Venetians built their splendid villas, which we can visit today. Lake Garda, to the east, and the beautiful historic city of Verona, where we can now say "I do" on Juliet's balcony. Further to the north are the majestic Dolomites and winter resorts such as Cortina, traditionally a famous ski resort. To complete the picture, you can go along the coast to the beautiful white beaches of Bibione and then visit the Lidos of Venice. And last but not least, our favourite Italian city, the eternal city of Venice.

UNESCO World Heritage Sights

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Valeggio sul Mincio in Veneto
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    The story about the origin of the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu was first told to me by chef Celestino Giacomello of the famous hotel  Gritti Palace  in Venice. He also assured me that this dish is at least as authentic Venetian as a gondolier.