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Valeggio sul Mincio in the Veneto

If you look at the Veneto region as a visitor, you will see a very varied picture, because apart from the great attraction that is Venice, the region is made up of vineyards, where most of the sparkling wine comes from. Then we have the endless Po Valley and the Po Delta, which fills the Italian warehouses.

Smaller rivers like the Mincio, with ancient villages, canals like the Brenta, where the influential Venetians built their splendid villas, which we can visit today. Lake Garda, to the east, and the beautiful historic city of Verona, where we can now say "I do" on Juliet's balcony. Further to the north are the majestic Dolomites and winter resorts such as Cortina, traditionally a famous ski resort. To complete the picture, you can go along the coast to the beautiful white beaches of Bibione and then visit the Lidos of Venice. And last but not least, our favourite Italian city, the eternal city of Venice.

UNESCO World Heritage Sights

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  • Our favourite Spring events in Italy

    Festa della Sensa in Venice - Favourite Events in the Spring in Italy

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    Spring in Italy always makes for a busy calendar of events, not only because of various important sagras and religious celebrations, but also because of numerous fairs. Yes, folks, more than 30 events, so get ready. To help you navigate our favorite events, please check out the events map or list of Spring events below.

  • Welcome Cards for Italian cities, which ones should you buy?

    Welcome cards for Italian cities

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    In Italy, there is no shortage of discount or welcome cards to visit cities and museums, as well as free public transport. But you need to know which ones are worth it and which are not. The way they work is not always easy to understand either. And how can you tell the difference between the official cards issued by the city and the ones from commercial companies?

  • Marco Polo's Venice

    Doge's Palace in Venice

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    When Marco Polo was captured at the Battle of Curzola in 1298 and imprisoned in the Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa, he dictated his famous book 'The Travels of Marco Polo' to his cellmate Rustichello da Pisa. It became a bestseller in an age when everything had to be copied by hand.

  • 2024, year of Marco Polo 700 in Venice

    Marco Polo 700

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    When we think of Venice, we think of water and its maritime might, but its most famous citizen went by land. It was in the year 1271 that the young Marco Polo set off for China to accompany his father on a commercial expedition. Plagued by bad weather, war and disease, the long journey east along the "Silk Road" took more than three years. However, Marco Polo remained in the Far East for 25 years, a period during which the Venetian won the Chinese emperor's confidence as his advisor and was given high office.

  • Important dates for anyone planning a trip to Italy this year

    Feline Dentistry Conference in Rome is just one of the events in a packed conference season

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    You guessed it, or maybe not. Italy has one of the most packed conference agendas of any city in the world in any one month, say January you'll find conferences on Feline Dentistry to Drug Tourism, and you were wondering why the hotels were full, right? Of course, not all of these conferences are expected to attract millions of visitors to the city of Rome. I mean, how many feline dentists are there? However, I just want to make it purrrfectly (pun intended) clear that there are definitely a few events that you will want to keep an eye out for.

  • Venice - Acqua Alta

    Basilica San Marco

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Venice, enchantingly beautiful and timelessly romantic. A city that seems to float on water is ironically also a city that struggles with that same water. The phenomenon of "acqua alta," or high water, has been part of its story for centuries. But what does it really mean for the city and its people? 

  • A-lister hotspots from Cortina to Como


    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Italy, the land of pasta, fashion, stunning coastlines, and of course... celebrities! It's long been a hotspot for the rich and famous, but let's be honest, not every celeb is blessed with good taste. Let's take a glimpse into the glittering lives of these A-listers on Italian soil.

  • Golf courses of Italy and the Ryder cup 2023 in Rome

    Golf courses of Italy

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Italy is increasingly becoming a destination for golf lovers, crowned in 2023 with the Ryder Cup. The country offers a combination of a favorite sport with a trip to stunning surroundings. With more than 400 facilities, 150 golf courses with at least 18 holes and golf resorts in super panoramic locations. We have selected the most scenic greens, perfect for a top golf vacation.

  • 15 New hotspots in Italy: discover the best new hotels in Rome, Milan, Florence and more

    Hotel Bristol Rapallo Portofino

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Rome: the eternal city's hotel scene is set for a boost with a new branch of Nobu Hotels and Six Senses hotels, plus the boutique hotel ROMEO Roma, in a 16th-century palace by Zaha Hadid. But at the top of our must-visit list is the Bulgari Rome. This Italian brand owns hotels as far away as Shanghai and Bali, but is finally opening its flagship in its hometown coming this spring or summer. Housed in a 1930s modernist building composed mostly of travertine marble and red brick, it will surely be the

  • My 10 top romantic destinations in Italy

    Pienza (Tuscany) - My 10 top romantic destinations in Italy

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to compile my list of top romantic destinations in Italy. Naturally, this list is for Italian amore all year round. From Piedmont to Puglia, or Trentino to the Thyrrenian, I've selected the perfect spot to satisfy your romantic soul.

  • Italy's favourite summer festivals

    Italy's favourite summer festivals

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Italy is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant arts scene, and there is no better time to experience it than during the summer months. From June to September, Italy is home to a wide range of summer festivals that showcase everything from music and dance to food and wine. Whether you're a lover of classical music, jazz, or rock and roll, there's a festival in Italy for you.

  • February means Carnival in Venice & Viareggio!

    Carnival of Viareggio

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    I don’t usually pay a whole lot of attention to religious festivals, but, like many, I always like a good party, and when it comes to Carnival, Italy never disappoints – and Carnival in Venice and Viareggio are not to miss.

  • Natural spa and thermal springs in Italy

    Thermal springs in Italy

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Do you have muscle pain, joint pain or stress? A warm mud bath in a spa rich in sulfur and minerals does wonders and usually helps you get rid of it. It has been successfully used for centuries in the treatment of various ailments. Mud baths benefit from removing excess fluid, especially in the tissues of the legs, abdomen and hips. The most important ingredient is, of course, always the thermal spa water.

  • Canyon Brent de l'Art in Belluno

    Canyon Brent de l’Art south of Belluno

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    A true spectacle of nature in the beautiful Valbelluna along the San Boldo Pass, "the road of 100 days"

  • The only original recipe for Tiramisù

    The Original Tiramisu recipe

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    The story about the origin of the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu was first told to me by chef Celestino Giacomello of the famous hotel  Gritti Palace  in Venice. He also assured me that this dish is at least as authentic Venetian as a gondolier. 

  • Christmas in Italy: Panettone in Milano and Pandoro in Verona

    Photo : Food photographer Jennifer Pallian

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    It is almost impossible to ignore the big blue and red boxes in the supermarket during the holidays. The Italian Panettone has nestled itself forever on the shelves. If you've ever been tempted to take a Panettone home, you'll most likely, like me, have been a little disappointed.

  • How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol

    How to make the perfect Spritz Aperol

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    ´Spritz Aperol is a nice refreshing aperitivo from the Veneto and very easy to make. Ít is a variation of the Spritz or Spritzer, a drink that was introduced to northeastern Italy during the Austrian occupation, when the Austrians were exploiting the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and found wine was too heavy to drink straight and in an effort to lighten the taste, literally added water to the wine.

  • Stunning Aerial Shots of Italy

    Stunning Aerial Shots of Italy

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    An exceptional series with drone recordings of numerous Italian regions and cities, unimaginable images, each outdoing the other. I cannot make a choice which one I like best, but if I had to, the Matera cave dwellings would be somewhere in the top of my personal list. Don't miss the video of a completely empty Florence during the Corona lockdown and the emotional images of an abandoned Rome with the Tricolore flying over it. Those who love Sardinia can enjoy the beautiful beach images, and if you think about your ski holiday, how about a bird's eye view around the

  • Hidden Charms of Venice Carnival: Little-Known Facts

    Carnaval in Venice 2024

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Most people imagine Venice Carnival as a whirlwind of elaborate costumes, iconic masks, and lavish celebrations centered in St. Mark's Square. While those are absolutely part of the magic, let's dive into some fascinating yet less-celebrated elements of this iconic festival.

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