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Basilic di San Francesco in Umbria

Are you hunting for travel tips for your journey to Umbria? Umbria, with its capital Perugia, often dubbed the "Green Heart of Italy," earns this title from its myriad rivers, lakes, and waterfalls from which the forests derive their luscious emerald green foliage.

San Gemini in Umbria - Umbria Travel Tips

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Why is Umbria a Premier Vacation Destination?

In ancient times, Romans fled their sweltering city during summer, seeking the cool embrace of Umbria's hills. In the image, we see the magnificent town of Assisi. Perugia is often recognized as one of Italy's most international cities, home to a vast university that welcomes students from all over the world each year. Music enthusiasts will also recognize the city as the host of one of the globe's grandest jazz events in July: the Umbria Jazz Festival

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Umbria


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