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Are you looking for travel tips for a trip to the Piedmont? The region is certainly place for lovers of wine and Italian gastronomy, but it is also a destination for the active tourist due to its location between the Alpine region of the Mont Blanc, the sea on the Italian Riviera and the great lakes such as Lago Maggiore and Lake Como. The landscape gives you rolling hills and valleys, excellent for bikes. Turin, the region's capital, is a cultural center and one of our favorite city destinations with great museums and lots of good shopping.

The landscape of Piedmont .

How often have I driven through Piedmont in a hurry. Leaving the mountains behind, no matter how beautiful, to get to the warm and sunny south. By then we had already spent more than 10 hours in the car and nobody had told us about Piedmont. Piedmont has become a stopover for me, sometimes for several days. Let me explain why. Because, apart from the city of Turin, this area with its varied landscapes really does offer delicious food, specific regional products and the best wines. Did I mention that I am a gourmet?

The real gourmets and epicures, however, have known the region for much longer, and it is with shame that I have to admit this, an unforgivable error on my part that I hope to correct here. The heart of Piedmontese gastronomy lies in the hills of Langhe, Asti and Monferrato. Symbolic of this are the precious white Alba truffles and wines such as Barolo, Barberesco and Moscato d'Asti. The Slow Food movement was born here. The wine routes ("le strada del vino") are an ideal way to discover the best wineries. A modern and dynamic city like Turin offers the pleasure of historic cafés, pastries, and artisan chocolate.

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Dining at a royal table

The Piedmont Region has its particular interpretation of what it means to be a guest at the dinner table. For example, it has opened up the possibility of dining in some royal residences of the House of Savoy. Chefs from the famous "Stelle del Piemonte" restaurants can prepare their dishes in the royal palace of Venaria, as magnificent as Versailles, a little north of Turin. You can also opt for the Pollonzo Castle, residence of the Savoy family, which today houses the University of Gastronomic Sciences. It is still being planned to add the castle of Govone, a royal residence from 1792 to 1870. Royal seats for princely banquets in palaces, where the glorious Piedmontese gastronomic tradition is transformed by contemporary creativity and taste, and of course by great wines.

In Piedmont, food is always about taste

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In addition to the hundreds of festivals and fairs that highlight Piedmontese food and wine throughout the year, the major events of the gastronomic sector have a special place.

  • For example, every March there is the Cioccola-To. This is an ode to the city of Turin, the historic home of Italy's best chocolatiers, from Gobino to Caffarei and Peyrano. The fair attracts almost a million visitors.
  • Then every spring there is the wine fair 'VINUM' in Alba, where wine buyers, wine tourists and wine producers meet, of course in the main wine region of Langhe and Roero.
  • Also in spring, but a little later, usually in June, is the Food Wine Design Week, a brilliant combination of Italian design, cuisine and wine, with the participation of internationally renowned chefs. Not to be missed!
  • In September, the wine hills around Asti host the 'Douja d'Or', a national wine competition featuring hundreds of prestigious cru wines and culminating in the Palio in the central Piazza Alfieri.
  • Cheese from all over the world is showcased at 'Cheese', a biennial cheese festival organized by Slow Food in Bra.
  • Finally, the world-famous International Truffle Fair is held in Alba in October, culminating in the world auction of the Alba white truffle.

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Exclusive products of Torino

Turin, and therefore Piedmont, has a lot to offer in terms of exclusive products. Products that are still produced according to the tradition that quality is the first priority and that a well-managed company, working with the best raw materials, whether clothing or food, and employing craftsmen, has a right to exist even in this day and age. By joining forces in the Exclusive Brands Torino group, they can promote and strengthen each other's brands.Not only fine chocolatiers like Gobino or ice cream makers like Pepino have joined, but also clothing designer Cristina Ferrari and Laura Tonatto, who makes exclusive perfumes. Visit the website here.

Weather in Piedmont

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Lago Maggiore

Why is Piedmont such a fun holiday destination?

Blessed with natural beauty, Piedmont, with its capital Turin, is a rising star in the tourist firmament. It is particularly popular with "Euro-movers" from more northern countries. Gastronomically, Piedmont produces some of Italy's best wines (Barolo, Barberesco), it is the land of truffles with the famous annual international truffle market in Alba, and from the high Alps come the most delicious cheeses. The capital, Turin, hosts the Slow Food Fairs.

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