Travel to Lake Como

Lake Como
  • Lake Como from Milan in a single day, is it feasible?

    • Departure: Milano Cardano
    • Arrival: Lake Como FS
    • Distance: 25 to 30 miles (40 to 48 kilometers)
    • Duration: 60 mins
    • Download Map: Click here
    Lake Como from Milan in a single day, is it feasible?

    Written by: Elisabeth Bertrand

    I have to admit that I, personally, find 'doing Lake Como in one day' a bit rushed and totally against my slow travel ethos - you see, there is no way you can fully explore all that this beautiful lake has to offer in one day, but you will be able to do various 'circular' boat tours and return on the same day if that's really what you want to do.

  • A-lister hotspots from Cortina to Como


    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    Italy, the land of pasta, fashion, stunning coastlines, and of course... celebrities! It's long been a hotspot for the rich and famous, but let's be honest, not every celeb is blessed with good taste. Let's take a glimpse into the glittering lives of these A-listers on Italian soil.

  • Lake Como: 5 Hidden gems you dont want to miss

    Bellagio Lake Como

    Written by: Nelleke Pruijs

    The place is Lake Como, located at the foot of the picturesque Swiss Alps. The view over the picturesque lake is so captivating and poetic that it relaxes you completely; perhaps that's why it has become such a popular holiday destination, not just in this century, but through the ages. Along the shores of the lake lie the most fabulous villages, and while visiting this area, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't miss them. 

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