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  1. Is Halloween a old Roman tradition

    As the end of October approaches, the kids start thinking about their Halloween costumes, and plastic orange pumpkins start appearing in stores, it's time to begin planning for the holiday season and winter activities that involve pumpkins.

  2. Feline Dentistry Conference in Rome is just one of the events in a packed conference season

    You guessed it, or maybe not. Italy has one of the most packed conference agendas of any city in the world in any one month, say January you'll find conferences on Feline Dentistry to Drug Tourism, and you were wondering why the hotels were full, right? Of course, not all of these conferences are expected to attract millions of visitors to the city of Rome. I mean, how many feline dentists are there? However, I just want to make it purrrfectly (pun intended) clear that there are definitely a few events that you will want to keep an eye out for.