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These are our terms and conditions of use. anyone who visits dolcevia.com agrees to the following points and also reads our Privacy Policy. The rights and conditions below apply to all websites owned or operated by Harper-Douglas Max (hereinafter referred to as Harper-Douglas Max).

In addition, these terms and conditions apply to all other websites operated by Harper-Douglas Max (hereinafter referred to as Harper-Douglas Max site(s)). Specifically, these conditions apply to Dolcevia.com, HDM.agency and all subdomains. These conditions also apply to all other websites managed by Harper-Douglas Max (hereinafter referred to as Harper-Douglas Max site(s)).

1.0 Rights
All rights to the content of all Harper-Douglas Max sites belong to Harper-Douglas Max, insofar as these rights do not belong to third parties whose material has been made available on the site in question. This also applies to all content of Dolcevia.com. User acknowledges the (intellectual) property rights of the Harper-Douglas Max sites and its suppliers on the content of the Harper-Douglas Max site, both as a whole, and portions thereof, or contained in all demonstrably based thereon and / or derived information, regardless of whether such based and / or derived information (partly) the product of an operation, breeding or performance by a party other than Harper-Douglas Max or its suppliers. User may only consult and use the content of the Harper-Douglas Max sites for its own use. The user is not permitted without written permission to information obtained from the Harper-Douglas Max sites on a non incidental basis to disclose, reproduce or sell in any form whatsoever, including whether or not after processing to integrate into networks or multiple monitors to appear or otherwise make public.

The processing of the data on the Harper-Douglas Max sites and the creation of the Harper-Douglas Max sites has been carried out to the best of our knowledge and with the greatest care. Neither Harper-Douglas Max nor its suppliers can guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on the Harper-Douglas Max sites are stored and are therefore, except intentional or gross negligence of Harper-Douglas Max or its suppliers, not liable for damages resulting from incorrectness, incompleteness or illegality of the content of the information provided through the Harper-Douglas Max sites. Information that is essential to the user should always be verified for accuracy by the user.

Harper-Douglas Max is not liable for the inaccessibility or unavailability to the user of the Harper-Douglas Max sites due to a malfunction. Harper-Douglas Max is not responsible or liable for failures in third-party networks through which access to the website is obtained. The liability of Harper-Douglas Max, the staff of Harper-Douglas Max and of persons for whom Harper-Douglas Max is responsible and / or liable, for damages, including consequential damages (including damages due to delay, and loss of profits), attributable to Harper-Douglas Max is in all cases limited to the invoice value of the portion of the agreement from which the liability arises.

1.1 Text, images, video and other media.
Any text, image, video and other media posted by a third party on one of the Harper-Douglas Max sites is the responsibility of that party and not that of Harper-Douglas Max. Harper-Douglas Max is in no way responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damage whatsoever arising from loss of data, data or revenue through the use of information, photographs and images made available on the Harper-Douglas Max sites.

1.2 ´Notice and Takedown´ procedure.
If you believe that content placed on a Harper-Douglas Max site infringes your rights or the rights of third parties or violates the rules of conduct of the website, please let us know by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

    Data, to the best of our knowledge, of the person who placed the infringing content on the website.
  • Prove that content is infringing.
  • Contact details that allow us to contact you (name, address, telephone number and email address)
  • .
  • You warrant that the above information is accurate and complete and that you have made your complaint in good faith.
  • Damage caused by abuse of the Notice and Takedown procedure will be recovered from you
  • .
  • You expressly indemnify Harper-Douglas Max for all damage and costs resulting from any claims with third parties following your complaint.
  • Complaints that do not contain all the information as shown above will not be processed.
  • If we believe that your complaint meets the above requirements, we will temporarily remove the content in question.
  • You will be informed by e-mail.
  • We will assess the merits of the complaint on the basis of the rules of conduct applicable to the website and the evidence provided by you.
  • After reviewing your complaint, Harper-Douglas Max will decide whether the content remains permanently removed or will be placed back on the website.
  • You will be informed of the decision by e-mail.

1.3 Add/change articles by visitors.
When you make changes to an existing page you publish a new document. When you make changes we will display your username so that you become known as the author of the change.

1.4 Identification of an author.
To publish a change or create a new page you need to be logged in with your username and password. When you are logged in, you will be identified by your username. This can be a real name or a pseudonym. You determine your own name, however some names are not allowed. By asking users to register and login Harper-Douglas Max tries to prevent unauthorized use or spam.

1.5 Processing of personal data.
In the context of our services (when you take out a subscription, conclude a contract, order something or make use of our (interactive) services or otherwise have contact with Harper-Douglas Max) Harper-Douglas Max records data. Harper-Douglas Max uses these data for the execution of the relevant agreement, for its other services and to keep customers of (new) products and services of Harper-Douglas Max, its sister companies or carefully selected third parties informed. Hereby Harper-Douglas Max tries to take into account your preferences. If you do not wish to receive information about (new) products and services you can notify Harper-Douglas Max in writing by email. We will have your data blocked for this purpose. The general terms and conditions of Harper-Douglas Max also apply to the contracts of our services.

1.6 Clicking behavior.
On the Harper-Douglas Max sites, general visitor data, without the identification of these visitors, is kept, as is common with the most requested pages. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website. This data can also be used to put more targeted information on the site. In this way Harper-Douglas Max can further optimize its services to you.

1.7 Use of Cookies: See Privacy Statement.

1.8 Harper-Douglas Max and other websites.
On the Harper-Douglas Max sites you will find a number of hyperlinks to other websites. Harper-Douglas Max can, however, not be held responsible for the handling of your data by those parties. Please read the privacy statement (see point 2.0).

1.9 Rules of conduct.
On the Harper-Douglas Max site the following rules of conduct should be taken into account:

  • It is not allowed to post racist expressions.
  • It is not allowed to place texts with coarse language.
  • It is not allowed to place texts for the purpose of expressing your own advertisements.
  • It is not allowed to post images that are pornographic in nature.
  • It is not allowed to place images with third party copyrights.
  • It is not allowed to mention personal data unless explicitly requested to do so.
  • Information does not have to be placed twice.
  • When placing images, pay attention to the size of the image in order to keep loading times as low as possible.
  • Have tolerance for other people's opinions and/or tastes, even if they do not match your own
  • Link to the final destination to promote ease of surfing.
  • One must abide by the generally accepted rules of conduct that apply within society.

1.10 Changes.
Harper-Douglas Max reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. Please check the Harper-Douglas Max terms and conditions on a regular basis.

2.0 Privacy statement.
Harper-Douglas Max, of which this site is a part, is convinced that the protection of the privacy of its customers and visitors to its websites is essential to its activities. Personal data of customers and visitors are therefore treated and secured with the utmost care. Harper-Douglas Max adheres in all cases to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. The responsible for the data processing is Harper-Douglas Max.