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This page contains the text in our privacy statement. The rights and the conditions below apply to all websites owned by Harper Douglas-MAX LLC located in Walnute C.A. U.S.A. Dolcevia.com is owned by Harper-Douglas Max, LLC and believes it is important that the users of Dolcevia.com know what happens to their personal data processed through this website. For the website Dolcevia.com E.J. Bertrand is jointly and severally responsible in the sense of the Data Protection Act.

Privacy Policy

When using forum forms on Dolcevia.com

We record your data, such as name, email address and telephone number in a database/database, we use only the information you provide yourself  to use for the purpose for which it is intended, for example a newsletter (name, surname, email address). Your information will be used for the execution of agreements made with you, such as the subscriptions to our newsletters. In addition, we may use your information to keep you informed of interesting information and/or offers. However, this happens sporadically. We also never sell your data to third parties.

Your data, together with information about you, can be analyzed in order to tailor the information and/or offers as much as possible to your interests. We may send you this information and/or offers by e-mail. We will only do this if you have given us your explicit permission to do so. Furthermore, you can request your own data and requests to have them corrected or removed. To do so, please send an e-mail with your personal data to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cookies on Dolcevia.com

On this page you will find more information about what cookies are, which cookies are used by Dolcevia.com and how to influence cookies. The website records your visit to this website in a cookie, which is valid for 30 days, after which the information about your visit no longer exists. 

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of text given by a web server to a visiting browser, in the hope and expectation that the browser will return it on a subsequent visit.

The cookie is a supplement to the HTTP specification. The HyperText Transfer Protocol is used by everyone who visits a website: it controls the communication between a web server and a browser. However, it is not designed to view consecutive page visits as a whole. As a result, it is not necessarily possible to retrieve data or settings during a subsequent visit.

To make this possible, in 1997 the cookie and set-cookie headers for HTTP were introduced. This specification was last updated in April 2011 and is currently in use as the RFC 6265 HTTP State Management Mechanism.

How do cookies work?

Contrary to what politicians sometimes claim, cookies themselves are no programs and also no files, and technically nothing is stored by the web server on the visitor's computer. The latter is entirely up to the browser to decide. Ultimately, cookies are often stored as a file, but a web server cannot force a browser to actually store cookies or return them on a later visit.

A cookie is always linked to a specific domain or subdomain. Cookies are therefore only returned to the same domain as where they came from. You can therefore be sure that only the servers of Dolcevia.com receive cookies that were previously obtained through Dolcevia.com. Also through javascript only on Dolcevia.com you can access cookies placed by Dolcevia.com.

An important point about cookies is that they can be received at elk http-request and that all known, relevant cookies are sent at elk request. This also applies to the requests with which images, javascript and css files for a web page are requested. Of course, the domain check is also applied then.

First-party cookies

Cookies that you get for the same domain as you visit are called first-party cookies. Therefore, when viewing this page, Dolcevia.com cookies are first-party cookies.

Third party cookies

It is also possible that a website contains elements of third parties. Well-known examples are embedded videos, advertisements and social media buttons. If cookies are sent with these elements from their own servers, these are called third-party cookies. It is therefore possible that when you visit Dolcevia.com you will receive third-party cookies for Facebook.com, Youtube.com and other third party websites.

Also, if such cookies are not used, you will still see advertisements. After all, advertisements will also be shown that do not use cookies.

The cookies enable:

  • it is possible to keep track of which ads you have already seen in order to prevent you from seeing the same ad all the time
  • .
  • it is possible to keep track of how many unique visitors click on the ad
  • .
  • focused ads can be shown

What are cookies on Dolcevia.com used for?

With cookies it is possible to retrieve information from previous visits during subsequent visits. In practice, this is used to keep track of your login (now only possible for Dolcevia.com employees), certain settings you have made and certain site elements you have seen before. Cookies that adjust the functioning of the site to your wishes are called functional cookies.

The visitor profiles created by Dolcevia.com using first party cookies will never be shared with third parties and are only used to improve the quality and relevance of Dolcevia.com.

Which cookies does Dolcevia.com use?

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are placed by us on your equipment so that we can recognize your computer when you visit us again. There are two types of tracking cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies allow us to see which parts of the website have been viewed on your computer during a visit. Persistent cookies allow us to recognize your computer when you revisit our website at a later time. Dolcevia.com only uses session cookies unless you log in which is not yet possible for normal website visitors. 

Tracking cookies with our advertisements

With tracking cookies we collect information about where you have seen the ads and which ads you have clicked on, we do not record any personal information for processing , we only record clicks and impressions. 

Analytics, figures and statistics for own use of our company 

Within our website, cookies are placed by the companies Adobe, Tradetracker, Tradedoubler, AWIN, Booking.com, Zoho Corporation CRM, Sitesearch360.com and Google. We use these cookies to understand the use of our website so that we can improve our website. The duration of placing a cookie is very different, if you want to know exactly, you can ask us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). By accepting our cookie, certain information about your visit and click behavior may be passed on for processing by these third parties. Which information this is exactly you can read. 

Booking.com : https://www.booking.com/content/privacy.nl.html

Google.com and Google.com see https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=nl-NL

Dolcevia.com periodically uses the Google Attrbution Model to analyze data and click behavior on the website. By accepting our privacy policy you also agree to this processing.

Mediavine Programmatic Advertising (Ver 1.1)

The Website works with Mediavine to manage third-party interest-based advertising appearing on the Website. Mediavine serves content and advertisements when you visit the Website, which may use first and third-party cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is sent to your computer or mobile device (referred to in this policy as a “device”) by the web server so that a website can remember some information about your browsing activity on the Website.

First party cookies are created by the website that you are visiting. A third-party cookie is frequently used in behavioral advertising and analytics and is created by a domain other than the website you are visiting. Third-party cookies, tags, pixels, beacons and other similar technologies (collectively, “Tags”) may be placed on the Website to monitor interaction with advertising content and to target and optimize advertising. Each internet browser has functionality so that you can block both first and third-party cookies and clear your browser’s cache. The "help" feature of the menu bar on most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to receive notification of new cookies, how to disable existing cookies and how to clear your browser’s cache. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, you can consult the information at All About Cookies.

Without cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of the Website content and features. Please note that rejecting cookies does not mean that you will no longer see ads when you visit our Site. In the event you opt-out, you will still see non-personalized advertisements on the Website.

The Website collects the following data using a cookie when serving personalized ads:

  • IP Address
  • Operating System type
  • Operating System version
  • Device Type
  • Language of the website
  • Web browser type
  • Email (in hashed form)

Mediavine Partners (companies listed below with whom Mediavine shares data) may also use this data to link to other end user information the partner has independently collected to deliver targeted advertisements. Mediavine Partners may also separately collect data about end users from other sources, such as advertising IDs or pixels, and link that data to data collected from Mediavine publishers in order to provide interest-based advertising across your online experience, including devices, browsers and apps. This data includes usage data, cookie information, device information, information about interactions between users and advertisements and websites, geolocation data, traffic data, and information about a visitor’s referral source to a particular website. Mediavine Partners may also create unique IDs to create audience segments, which are used to provide targeted advertising.

If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices to opt-in or opt-out of this data collection, please visit National Advertising Initiative opt out page. You may also visit Digital Advertising Alliance website and Network Advertising Initiative website to learn more information about interest-based advertising. You may download the AppChoices app at Digital Advertising Alliance’s AppChoices app to opt out in connection with mobile apps, or use the platform controls on your mobile device to opt out.

For specific information about Mediavine Partners, the data each collects and their data collection and privacy policies, please visit Mediavine Partners.

On our website you will find buttons to promote webpages on  Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from these social networks themselves. By means of this code cookies are placed. We have no influence on this.

Residual/unforeseen cookies

Do you encounter cookies on our website that fall into this category (and therefore we have not mentioned above)? Please let us know or contact the relevant third party directly and ask which cookies they have placed, the reason for placing them, the life span of the cookie(s) and how your privacy is safeguarded.


This overview of cookies on Dolcevia.com is a snapshot. Dolcevia.com strives to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. However, due to the non-static nature of the internet and the many (external) parties involved, not all current cookies and / or sites can be found directly in this overview.

Which cookies can be set by others when visiting Dolcevia.com?

Dolcevia.com is a large website. Users are currently unable to post comments under articles but we will not rule this out in the future. There are articles and travel reports where we use images and videos from third parties. For each of these images and videos 3rd party cookies can be placed, without the knowledge and cooperation of Dolcevia.com om.

In addition, cookies are also used to serve ads. These cookies are used to measure how often an advertisement is shown and what interactions are made on or with the advertisement, such as clicking on a banner. By placing such cookies we can also make use of a so-called frequency cap; such a cap makes sure that you can interact with a certain advertisement a maximum of x number of times and not see the same video ad every time you start a video.

Earlier, advertisers often use a media agency to deliver the campaign for them. In these cases, the media agency often also places cookies to measure and optimize the campaigns.

The advertising terms and conditions of Dolcevia.com state that cookies from advertisers and media agencies may be used to collect statistics. Dolcevia.com also grants limited permission to advertisers and media agencies to recognize you as a visitor to Dolcevia.com and other websites and to display more relevant advertisements based on that. Because a lot of parties in the advertising world work together, it is unfortunately not possible to give a complete list of possible domains.

How can I refuse cookies?

Without cookies it is hardly possible for us to give you as a visitor the best experience when visiting the site. This has to do with analysing web statistics to determine how the site should look and navigate, but also to determine what content is popular and what our visitors don't actually read.

Dolcevia.com is a site that partly consists of information posted by users. Although Dolcevia.com is not obliged to ask permission from third parties for these cookies (the responsibility for this lies with the third party, e.g. YouTube), we are obliged to remove the content when it appears that the third party has failed to ask permission. This would mean that at the time that even one person complains about an image or video, we would have to remove it for everyone, or we would have to develop technology that makes it possible to filter individual content for each individual user. This is practically impractical. By default, hiding or filtering user-placed content to prevent this would also seriously degrade the user experience.

How can I delete cookies?

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the Tools &gt menu; Internet options > General tab. Under Browse History click Delete.
  2. You may not want to delete everything. In any case, make sure Cookies is checked and click Delete.

Delete cookies in Firefox

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy tab. Click Delete your recent history.
  2. Beneath Details you can indicate exactly what you want to delete. Check Cookies in any case. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Select All.
  3. here.

Delete cookies in Chrome

  1. Click on the 3 dashes in the upper right corner. Click on Options > tab Advanced Options. Under Privacyclick Delete browsing data...
  2. Care in any case that Delete cookies and other site data is checked. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Choose All.
  3. here.

The website is hosted at Hetzner GmbH and is owned by Harper Douglas-MAX.

ll accommodations and products you can book on this website are offered by Dolcevia.com. Use of your personal information for booking or request if you book an accommodation or product through this site, or if you send an information request to us, you will be asked to enter personal information such as name, address and email address. For a booking, you will also be asked to provide specific data relevant to the trip.

The information entered by you will, if necessary, be used to process the request or carry out a request, reservation or payment. Dolcevia.com will use your data in the execution of a request in order to communicate relevant information and actions relating to the request with you. This includes, for example, sending by post, e - mail and / or SMS of invoices, brochures and information about (changes of) information that is important to you.

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Questions If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy & Cookies Policy, please address them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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