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  • From Caligula’s Party Boat near Rome to a Manhattan Coffee Table

    Lake Nemi 30 km from Rome

    Anyone who has seen the excellent movie starring George Clooney, Monuments Men (based on the eponymous book), knows that the Allies spent time and money searching for stolen works of art during and after WWII.

  • Growing up in Ancient Rome

    Gowing up in ancient Rome

    On exhibit at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery 
    until April 24, 2022

  • How to visit Rome with kids

    Rome with kids

    To travel to Rome with kids takes some planning. It's best to alternate a museum or cathedral with the zoo, a gelateria or an amusement park. Feel free to add your own experiences and help other families on vacation experience Rome to the fullest!

  • 5 Cool Things to do around Rome's Fiumicino Airport

    Portus, ancient port near Fiumicino

    Lots of people with early morning flights choose to spend a night nearer the airport. Lots more maybe have flight delays or pick up a car and maybe need a break from a long flight - with exhausted kids in the back seat. So what to do? Here's your guide to some fantastic things going on