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This range of articles is published weekly from our favourites borghi, berths, beaches and buttes from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily. Explore Italy with ex-pats who call Italy home. You'll learn to know where to find the best places to stay, place to eat and shop in your own language. Don't miss a moment and make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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Rent a classic car in Italy and drive the Mille Miglia

Ever wanted to participate in the Mille Miglia without owning a vintage car? The Outlierman, makers of the world’s finest driving accessories, today announces the launch of its all-new classic car rental platform – ‘Rent & Drive’. Offering passionate classic car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most desirable cars, ‘Rent & Drive’ provides a made-to-measure, high quality rental service like no other.

The Outlierman
Address: via Guelfa, 76
The Outlierman was created by Andrea Mazzuca and Eleonora Dazzani in Bologna in 2015. A small, passionate team of 10 people designs each item in-house. All items are handcrafted by artisans in Italy, chosen for their world-class expertise in their relevant field. The Outlierman produces collections for discerning drivers, including driving gloves, scarves, ties, bow ties, braces, pocket squares, bags and document cases. The Outlierman Magazine, which contains features on classic and contemporary cars, fashion, romantic road trips, events and more, is produced both online and in print.
Sondrio Hospital

The W.H.O. ranked Italy as the 2nd best country in the world for overall healthcare in 2020. On paper, it looks pretty good. Here’s some reflections after living here.

Rose Extra Brut La Montina Franciacorta

It's been a long time since we associated popping corks and sparkling wines only with weddings, New Year's Eveparties or the launching of a new ship. And When even the French are turning to Prosecco instead of Champagne, it's maybe time to pay some attention to it.

Photo : Food photographer Jennifer Pallian

It is almost impossible to ignore the big blue and red boxes in the supermarket during the holidays. The Italian Panettone has nestled itself forever on the shelves. If you've ever been tempted to take a Panettone home, you'll most likely, like me, have been a little disappointed.

Panettone Vergani
Address: Via Mercadante 17
Phone: +39 02 45497606
San Fruttuoso

On Saturday, more or less at the same time as the government announced new Covid-19 measures, I was on the boat from Camogli to San Fruttuoso. The sea was pretty rough and the few passengers who used the FAI's Open Monument Day had to shield themselves from unexpected wet showers poured over them.

FAI, Abbazia del San Fruttuoso
Address: Via San Fruttuoso 13
Phone: (+39) 018-5772703

The fall is a good time to visit Dolceacqua. The water of the river Nervia babbles with a little more zest than in the high heat of summer. The woods around create a colourful contrast with the dark walls of the village called Dolceacqua Terre, the part on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio, the famous bridge painted by Monet.

Dolceacqua Tourism
Address: Via Roma 50
Phone: (+39) 018 42064
No Lockdown protests in Rome (Roberto Monaldo  |  Credit: AP)

(update 4 November 2020) The new measures are intended to prevent a complete national lockdown, including a 50% reduction in public transport capacity, the closure of shopping centres at weekends, the complete closure of museums and the move to distance learning in all secondary schools.

Drone photography in Italy, know the rules

Photography Drones are going to be on top of many a Christmas wish list this year and of course we’re going to have our heart set on trying it out on our next holiday. We know Italy is every drone pilots dream, a mixed soup of landscapes, every angle offering you stunning villages, historical sites and sea scapes. It will be like taking your tourist snapshots to another level entirely, so how high can you go and where can you go? This article intends to answer a few of these questions.  

Covid 19 Guidelines

This will help answer some questions you may have about Covid-19 guidelines in Italy; precautions you may want to take or know more about.
Please understand that by following the strictest health guidelines, has made it possible for Italy to safely open up to tourists at a tremendous cost. The most important steps visitors can take is to respect the given guidelines. A restaurant or hotel owner can be heavily fined and risk closure for 14 days.

How to get married in Italy

Italy has literally hundreds of historic buildings in every medieval town or village and Most may be used for ceremonies, receptions, weddings and parties. For religious services you can use beautiful Protestant or Catholic churches and chapels. There are venues available for other religions as well.

The best virtual exhibitions and museums in Italy

Italy is in lockdown and because of the coronavirus and we are advised to stay at home. Anyone who wants to visit the cultural heritage of italy, without leaving home, we have launched a series of monuments and exhibitions you can visit virtually. Or maybe you had no opportunity to visit all the museums you wanted to see during your holiday? We present more than 30, which we think are a ´must see´: from the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence to the Capodimonte museum in Naples, take this opportunity to see them all (thanks to the Culture & Arts Initiative by Google).

Stunning Aerial Shots of Italy

An exceptional series with drone recordings of numerous Italian regions and cities, unimaginable images, each outdoing the other. I cannot make a choice which one I like best, but if I had to, the Matera cave dwellings would be somewhere in the top of my personal list. Don't miss the video of a completely empty Florence during the Corona lockdown and the emotional images of an abandoned Rome with the Tricolore flying over it. Those who love Sardinia can enjoy the beautiful beach images, and if you think about your ski holiday, how about a bird's eye view around the Matterhorn.