Welcome cards for Italian cities
Welcome cards for Italian cities
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In Italy, there is no shortage of discount or welcome cards to visit cities and museums, as well as free public transport. But you need to know which ones are worth it and which are not. The way they work is not always easy to understand either. And how can you tell the difference between the official cards issued by the city and the ones from commercial companies?

The cards are obviously intended so you can easily traverse the city or region without losing time buying entry tickets or making reservations. Unfortunately, information about the cards is usually not available in other languages, sometimes not even in English. So here's a short guide to the cards we've found that are indeed worth it. We haven't tried all the cards in Italy, but here are some for the major destinations.

Verona welcome card

Campania Arte Card

A card for traveling and discovering the fascinating cultural heritage in Naples and the rest of the Campania region. The card specifically provides access to various tourist destinations throughout the region, such as archaeological excavations, monuments, and museums in Naples and the entire Campania region, like the Royal Palace of Caserta, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. You can also use the card for special discounts on various excursions. The card also provides access to public transportation in Campania. You have to buy the card for the options you want, so if you want to use public transportation and take an excursion to the Pompeii excavations + one tourist destination or museum, you pay €42 for 3 days (just an example). The site is very comprehensive and even allows you to fill in a questionnaire, but the answers are not always completely tailor-made and you have to press the language button more than once. But other than that... top notch!

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Emilia Romagna Green Fee Card

The Emilia Romagna Green Fee Card can be used for special discounts on the many golf courses in this region! Featuring up to 25 Hotels & Golf Packs from Bologna to Rimini.

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Bologna Welcome Card

According to my information, this card does not automatically entitle you to free public transportation, but this city is best discovered on foot anyway. But you do get free access to the hop on/hop off City bus tours. The Bologna Welcome Card also grants free entry to 7 important museums that you'll want to visit, the Torre Anselli, and free city tours of 2 hours. The card costs €25; there is a card that includes public transportation, which costs €40. The card is available online and can be used on your phone. No need to pick up the card at the tourist office.

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FVG-Card for Trieste and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

Depending on the length of your stay, the FVG Card costs between €30 and €45. It promises to be the universal pass to discover the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. In fact, it provides free access to 59 sights and attractions in the region, many of which are truly worth it. If you want to visit Aquileia, there's a separate card available for €18.

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Roma Pass

roma pass

Because of the many Rome Tourist Cards on the market we have dedicated an article on this website just for the Rome passes. Read more here:

Rome Tourist Pass, what you need to know›

Omnia Vatican and Rome Card

If you are a fan of double-decker buses and you are planning a trip around Rome, it is worth the investment. There are two versions, costing around €149 and €69 per person for adults, the first is for a 72-hour stay in Rome and Vatican City and the second for 24 hours. You'll be allowed to enter the Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, and get to skip the queue (which is well worth it). In addition, it gives you the right to use the double-decker sightseeing bus, which stops at 17 monuments and other important places of interest. The card also offers a wide range of other discounts at museums and exhibitions.

Go to the official website to buy this card

Cinque Terre Card

The Cinque Terre Card gives free access to the trails and roads of the Cinque Terre National Park (not to the villages, which can be visited freely), this is the park surrounding the villages. It can also be used on public transport in and around the Park. It gives access to viewpoints, provincial museums, the Civic Museum of La Spezia and the lifts in Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza

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Genova Card Musei

The Genoa Card simply gives you free access to 25 city, municipal, provincial and private museums and free use of public transport during your stay in the city. The card costs €18. Twice a year, during the Rolli Days (usually in May and October), the palaces of the Strada Nuova (Unesco World Heritage Site) are open to the public free of charge (by appointment).

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milan pass

The card is available from €15 for 24 hours and offers free entry to 20 museums and public transport, a free welcome drink, a €5 taxi voucher and discounts at over 500 attractions, shops and restaurants. The card is also available in a version that includes an airport transfer. In my opinion, a very good deal.

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Turin+Piedmont Card

The Turin+Piedmont Card promises to give you the keys to the city. After all, it gives you access to the most important museums, monuments, royal palaces and exhibitions. Another 7 euros will get you free public transport. The card costs from 29 euros for an adult. Turin also offers a free guided tour on Saturday mornings, organised by the Tourist Office.

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Mobil Card, Museomobil Card, BikeMobil Card - Dolomites

In fact, there are 10 different types of these popular cards in South Tyrol. The Museomobil Card, for example, allows you to use public transport for free while staying in South Tyrol/Alto Adige, as well as visiting 78 museums and exhibitions in the region. Check the website. Options range from €5 to €65.

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Florence Card

florence pass

The Florence Card gives free entry to the most important museums, villas and historic gardens in Florence. It's the official museum pass of the City of Florence. It costs €85 and is valid for 72 hours from your first museum visit. The card also allows you to 'skip the queue' so you never have to wait at the entrance. There is an app for the card, but you have to do the purchase online. Not unusual for Florence, the information is a bit confusing, and I emphasize the word 'official' below because there are some 'unofficial' ones.

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Assisi Card

The Assisi Card gives you discounts on parking, museums, restaurants, and shops in Assisi, as well as on excursions to Mount Subasio and other Umbrian towns. You can also use the card for discounts on activities such as horse riding, mountain biking and special discounts on taxi services. The information on the website is a bit difficult to download, only in pdf format, but when you're there it's easy to pop into the tourist office. My advice is not to waste time downloading the information, as Assisi is quite small.

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Venice Unica Card

Let me introduce you to the Venice Unica Pass. This is the new city pass for Venice. It's a really handy all-in-one pass that will make your life a lot easier when you visit Venice. This pass will allow you to use public transport, enter various tourist and cultural attractions and much more. Prices can be found here. The website features a very good English translation. The following text is taken from the website.

"The Venice Unica City Pass is the perfect way to plan your trip to Venice. It gives you access to public transport and various attractions and events in the area. It's super convenient because you can organise your tickets for transfers, waterbuses, museums, churches and more with just a few clicks. This not only saves you time, but also money.

Buying your Venice Unica City Pass is easy. You do it online, safe and fast. You choose what you want to buy, complete your purchase and voila, you get a voucher in your confirmation email. It also contains your PNR booking code (PNR is a 'Personal Name Record', just like on your airline ticket) which you'll need to pick up your pass and get direct access to the museums, churches and other attractions and services you've chosen.

For public transport, you collect your pass by entering your PNR code at an ACTV ticket machine or by showing your voucher at a ticket office in the city. You will then receive your City Pass, which you can use on public transport anywhere in the city. And when you want to visit a museum, church or other attraction you've chosen, all you have to do is show your voucher or City Pass at the entrance. Really, it makes your visit to Venice so much easier and more enjoyable! Read the information carefully and don't wait until you get to the airport. On some days, the Venice Entrance Fee, the entrance ticket, will apply. This depends on the day of your visit."

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Verona Card


The Verona Card is available from local tobacconists and the Verona and Lake Garda Tourist Offices at prices ranging from €27 to €32. The card gives access to public transport, to the spectacular Arena (with modified opening hours during the restoration), to the balcony of the legendary Juliet, to the Torre dei Lamberti for another breathtaking view and to visit the most beautiful churches in Verona. It also offers discounts on various excursions and things around Verona such as boat trips, parking, rafting.

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