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Your very own Nautilus
Your very own Nautilus

Italian designer Beatrice Bonzanigo was awarded the 2019 Design Prize for a design of a suite that can be placed anywhere completely autonomously, available with or without connection to existing utilities. The first unit is set in the vineyards of Ferragamo in Tuscany.

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Inspired by her travels through the vast and endless landscapes of the northern Andes, designer Beatrice Bonzanigo wanted to create a cabin where one - she! - could comfortably spend a few days without disturbing the natural landscape experience. Thus, Casa Ojalá was born: a combination of luxurious comfort and a structure that seamlessly adapts to the environment, allowing guests to rediscover themselves in the midst of nature.

After its applauded debut at Milan Design Week in 2019, Beatrice formed Casa Ojalá srl with Ryan Nesbitt to flesh out the initial design into full-scale production and make it suitable for hotels and smaller accommodations, as well as to individuals. The first unit was installed in June 2021 at Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco (Val d´Orcia), Tuscany. To make a reservation you can call +39 05771913001.

It looks a bit like a carousel, with a living platform consisting of a single and a double bed and a bathing area, climb up to get to the solar platform, where you can observe the surroundings from above. The technology is somewhere between a sailing yacht and Jules Verne's Nautilus, everything works smoothly on Da Vinci-like pulleys and cranks, composed of ropes with soft leather handles and wood. The occupant can roll away walls at will, sink beds, open portholes in the roof or hoist up ultra-lightweight furniture. Everything is flexible. Everything is illusion. 

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The Casa Ojalá can be delivered so that it can be connected to existing pipelines, but it can also be completely self-contained through the use of solar panels, water tanks, and environmentally friendly sanitary drainage. It can literally be placed anywhere. The building has the weight of 4 or 5 cars and can be assembled in 1 to 3 weeks. 

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