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Genoa Porto Antico
Genoa Porto Antico

In August 2018, we released our travel guide for Genoa for the first time. This year, we've launched a new edition (2023) of this free guide, packed with fresh features and current tips, including a new interactive map. Besides advice on attractions, restaurants, hotels, and nightlife, the new edition also offers an events calendar for the capital of the Italian Riviera.

The road from Milan to Genoa is so unpleasant that the Genoese probably built it deliberately to keep the Milanese out!

When the Morandi Bridge collapsed, I had been living in Genoa for just 3 days. The first edition of the guide was already finished by then, being August 2018. The above quote is from an Italian stand-up comedian. I decided to keep the quote in this edition as a reminder of this scandal and the many lives it claimed. We won't stop protesting about the roads in Italy until real change happens.

SlowItaly Liguria Guidebook + Free Genoa City Guide

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Rolli Palazzi Genoa

We have expanded the latest edition of this city guide even further. It is fitting for a city guide about Italy's longest city, stretching a whopping 27 km from east to west! In addition to the Porto Antico, the historical center, the Carrugi, Carignano, and coastal suburbs like Albaro, Boccadasse, and Sturla, I have also covered the medieval area around the Church of the Augustinians and eastern districts like Quinto and Nervi, the city's furthest point. After a few years in Genoa, this edition naturally offers more restaurant, hotel, and nightlife recommendations. If you have also purchased our SlowItaly Liguria guidebook, you'll have a handy travel companion with recommendations from Ventimiglia to Lerici AND a comprehensive overview of Genoa.

Genoa is a true walking city

Botteghe Storiche Genoa

We recommend exploring Genoa on foot. The streets are compact, and some alleys are either too narrow or steep for public transportation or cars, you'll see more of the historic old town by walking. You might also consider renting a Vespa or another scooter type to navigate the streets in traditional Italian style! If you're traveling further outside Genoa's center, there are bus, train, and cable car options that make navigating the city a breeze - just remember to purchase tickets in advance or online, as you can't buy them on the bus.

What's New in This Edition?

Caruggi in Genoa

Many small additions, especially in terms of restaurants, hotels, and a few attractions that we find worth mentioning. This year, we've included the Botteghe Antiche of Genoa. Apart from travel tips, this version provides much more information about cultural and gastronomic events in the city. Naturally, it also covers all the unique tourist attractions such as:

  • Boccadasse: the old sailor's district of the city, with a beautiful seaside walk.
  • Spianata Castelletto: a distinct area in the city's hilly park.
  • Palazzi dei Rolli: a collection of stunning historical palaces in the heart of Genoa.
  • Via Garabaldi: Genoa's historical center, dotted with local shops, restaurants, and cafés.
  • Palazzo Rosso: a historical palace built in 1671, which now houses an art gallery.

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