Rose Extra Brut La Montina Franciacorta
Rose Extra Brut La Montina Franciacorta
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It's been a long time since we associated popping corks and sparkling wines only with weddings, New Year's Eveparties or the launching of a new ship. And When even the French are turning to Prosecco instead of Champagne, it's maybe time to pay some attention to it.

Prosecco is a collective name of sparkling wines from Italy, the origin (doc) determines the price.

Prosecco, using this general umbrella term, has in recent years significantly affected the popularity of French champagne, which is mainly due to the favorable price of a bottle of bubbles from Italy. But today, in addition to mass production, there are also some beautiful wines from the vineyards of Lombardy and the Veneto. Wines that have won well-deserved international awards.
Spumante is in fact the generic name for these noble and sparkling drinks. Nowadays we will be chosing more often for Prosecco, which is abundantly available on the shelves in our stores. Don't be deterred by the price, you can actually get a good Prosecco from as little as 10 dollars. Most of the cheaper varieties come from the Veneto region where a number of big wineries such as Martini bring it on the market, they are mainly from the area of Valdobbiadene.

prosecco vineyard

Franciacorta DOCG | Comparable with the quality of real Champagne from France. 

That certainly can't be said of the DOCG wines from Franciacorta,  they can easily get the same price as good champagne. The grapes used for the Franciacorta wines are predominantly Chardonnay (85-100%), the Pinot Nero and the Pinot Bianco (up to 50%) and are picked by hand. The method followed is from a centuries-old tradition and depending on the variety, fermentation takes place partly in the barrel and partly in the bottle. The standard Franciacorta must rest for at least 18 months, the Franciacorta Rosé and the Satèn (a frizzante with light bubbles, best drunk with a meal, a wine the French call a Crémant) must rest for at least 24 months, while the Franciacorta millesimato, Franciacorta Rosé millesimato, Satèn millesimato and the Franciacorta riserva, Franciacorta Rosé riserva, Satèn riserva must mature for 30 and 60 months respectively. A lot of care is taken with the production of thewse wines which is reflected in the price.

Spumante metodo classico

In contrast to ordinary Prosecco, which is more or less machine-produced, however, this does not necessarily indicate low quality, it's just a completely different product, production can be done in two ways. The "metodo classico" is the same method used for French champagne, the methode champenoise, méthode traditionnelle or metodo classico. Fermentation takes place in the bottle, where soft bubbles in the wine are naturally obtained after long and careful treatment of the grape juice. However, the name champagne cannot be used, as it refers to the region and the origin of the wine. With the "metodo charmat", fermentation does not take place in the bottle but in large barrels.

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Vino Frizzante or Vino Spumante

Spumanti can be made up of different grape varieties, either from a single variety, or from a combination of different grape varieties selected carefully for their aroma and taste. Besides the use of the classic Chardonnay, Pinot Nero or Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon grape, a spumante can also be produced from the Verdiso or Prosecco grape.
The Prosecco grape produces a typical slightly sparkling frizzante and comes from the north of Italy. Prosecco sometimes also goes under the name vino frizzante or vino spumante.

Prosecco lends itself perfectly to making delicious long drinks and cocktails, such as a Bellini, a Hugo or a Spritz Aperol.

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