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All-inclusive holidays in Sicily
All-inclusive holidays in Sicily

Sicily has become one of the top destinations in Italy over the past year. The island has been well-known for a long time, but tourism boomed in the region starting in 2022. In fact, many hotels, such as the five-star luxury hotel San Domenico Palace in Taormina, were fully booked in 2023 due to the high amount of tourists who want to go to Sicily. Fortunately, you can still indulge yourself and explore the beautiful island by booking all-inclusive holidays in the Mediterranean destination.

Here’s why all-inclusive holidays in Sicily should be on your bucket list:

Why People Choose an All-Inclusive Holiday

Let’s admit it: it can be stressful to arrange a holiday. Though trips are fun, arranging fun excursion activities and looking for luxury accommodations with available rooms in Sicily can be overwhelming.

To avoid this, people are turning to all-inclusive holidays. A Wyndham Hotels and Resorts survey revealed that 77% of travelers believe that all-inclusive holidays are the least stressful way to travel. These holidays are convenient because your flight, accommodation, and food will be provided all in one package. After booking your trip, all you need to do is to show up for your luxury holiday.

Club Conte di Cabrera all inclusive

You can also enjoy perks through all-inclusive holidays. Some of these all-inclusive offers include access to five-star accommodations that are difficult to book. On top of that, you can even participate in unique excursions and luxurious activities through these travel packages. You’ll truly be able to relax on holiday, knowing everything’s taken care of for your trip.

The Benefits of All-Inclusive Holidays in Sicily

If you want a stress-free trip to Sicily, you should book an all-inclusive holiday. You can explore the Mediterranean Sea by boarding the boutique ship from Saga Cruises and joining their all-inclusive ocean trips to Sicily. These itineraries include excursion trips where you can sample the wine from the region and eat lunch at the private Garacello estate. Saga Cruises’ Sicily holiday also includes a VIP door-to-door travel service, so you can ensure that you’ll be taken care of from the start to the end of the holiday. You can also book holidays with hotels and resorts included.

The luxury all-inclusive holidays on EasyJet allow you to stay in four and five-star hotels in Sicily to get the best views of the stunning coastal area. You can stay in the four-star Acacia Resort to play mini-golf and get access to their private beach.

grand  palladium

You can also book your all-inclusive holiday in the five-star Grand Palladium Sicilia Resort and Spa to enjoy wellness activities in their spa or indulge in culinary delights at their steakhouse.These all-inclusive holidays also give you access to the best beaches in Sicily.

There are selected beaches in Sicily that are recognized by the Bandiera Blu - Blue Flag. One of the areas that has clean water and beaches is Pozzallo, which is located in the province of Ragusa. You can access the pristine beaches in Pozzallo by booking an all-inclusive holiday with the four-star Hotel Conte di Cabrera. This resort overlooks the coast of Ragusa and offers water sport amenities to ensure you can truly enjoy the Mediterranean Sea during your stay.

Stress is the last thing you want to experience on a luxury holiday. You can avoid problems in Sicily by booking all-inclusive holidays that arrange all the services you may need and want.