San Pietro island
San Pietro island
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My mother comes from Carloforte, a small town on the island of San Pietro. And so, as is customary in Italy, every summer we go on vacation to this small island with the whole family, in recent years also with entourage. Every year my mother arranges the boat from Genoa to Sardinia well in advance, because we have never skipped a year, although it was almost the case last year because of the pandemic. In fact, I know the island like the back of my hand. San Pietro is a small, lovely island in the southern part of Sardinia. It is separated from the rest and for that very reason it is a quiet and wild place with incredible nature and unspoiled landscapes.  <

White sands and rugged cliffs

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One of the most fascinating facts about the island of San Pietro is the vast expanse of unspoiled areas, places you can only discover by hiking, canoeing or snorkeling: sea caves, bays, high reefs, pine forests, vineyards... In addition, there are some white sand beaches, perfect for enjoying in peace.

What should you definitely do?

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First of all, I would suggest a tour of the beaches. You can't miss Bobba, a charming beach in a bay. It is near (5 minutes walk) a natural monument called Colonne, a large column formed by rocks in the middle of the sea. If you like sunsets, you should go for a drink on Caletta beach when the sun goes down, it's a spectacular view!
The best way to discover the island is from the sea, you can rent a boat for a day or join one of the tours to explore the island. It's a bit expensive, but you won't regret it.

Where can you stay?"

Where can you stay on San Pietro?

There is only one village on the island, Carloforte. It is a picturesque town, built in the 18th century and it still has its original appearance: a colorful maze of alleys. You'll find several hotels there, I would recommend the Lu' Riviera hotel, which has a beautiful terrace.
If you prefer a quiet place in the middle of nature, then you will definitely enjoy the Poecylia hotel, located on the west side of the island, near the romantic lighthouse.

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Where can you eat good food?

Carloforte has a curious history (its inhabitants are descendants of a number of Ligurian migrants who brought their traditions and costumes to Sardinia) and the local cuisine reflects this specific identity. In addition, some typical dishes have been adopted from Tunisian cuisine! The result is a " varied cuisine ", characterized by Mediterranean flavors.

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The main ingredient, of course, is fresh fish, especially tuna, which is caught every near the island.
If you would like to taste the traditional "tonno alla carlofortina", you should eat at "Galaia", a historic restaurant in a small alley. The most popular place to eat fish is called "Da Nicolo", it's a beautiful restaurant on the promenade, but I would also call "U Barache", a small bistrot where you can eat delicious food at a good price.


San Pietro Island

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