Naples: Spaghetti alla vongole
Naples: Spaghetti alla vongole
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Naples boasts an abundance of fine restaurants where visitors can savour the exquisite traditional dishes of the local cuisine. However, there are also a few places that have become true institutions, deeply intertwined with the city's cultural landscape, celebrating the stars of Italian gastronomy, the pizzas, the caffès, the delicacies and the fried street food. Naples is obsessed with food, and with the Neapolitans, it's all about the sweet stuff. Pastry shops stay open until late.

We have included a map of Naples with pointers to where the following restaurants are located. The description on the maps is in several languages. 

Ragù, spaghetti al vongole, babà au rhum and many other delicacies of the Neapolitan culinary tradition can be tasted in the best trattorias of Naples. One of the most fascinating aspects of the city is its unique culinary art. The culinary landscape of Naples is a testament to a beautifully orchestrated interplay of influences, where the rich culinary traditions of France and Spain meld seamlessly with the limitless ingenuity and creative flair of the Neapolitan people. This fusion has given birth to a distinctive gastronomic identity that is both diverse and unique, reflecting the city's vibrant history and the inventive spirit of its inhabitants.

The charm of Neapolitan cuisine lies in its simplicity: just think of pasta and beans and "casatiello", the legendary ragù, a meat and tomato sauce made from simple ingredients and transformed into an incomparable delicacy. To enjoy the many delights of Naples' cuisine, the best place to go is to a typical trattoria: artisan, simple and authentic. These are some of the places that can't be erased from the city's image.

Antica Osteria Pisano


If you want to feel like you are eating in grandma's kitchen, with fresh ingredients that guarantee the quality of the dishes, this is the place to go. Thanks to the mini portions of the main courses and side dishes, you can enjoy a variety of dishes without going overboard. Try the Sicilian cod with onions, olives, raisins and cherry tomatoes. The fried dishes are excellent, especially the stuffed artichokes. Excellent value for money.

Antica Osteria Pisano Piazza Crocelle ai Mannesi, 1, 80138 -

Trattoria Antonio La Trippa

Antonio La Trippa

This is truly 'Neapolitan' and you'll understand it when you enter the restaurant and see the many references to tradition, such as the 'scarfalietto' charcoal or the 'press' for the olive oil. The cuisine is typical of cucina povera, with dishes made from leftovers, such as squid meatballs and pea pods. Each dish is served in typical Neapolitan style, reminiscent of home cooking. You should also try the ziti alla genovese, the spaghetti with anchovies and the stewed mezzani, although there is also the possibility of ordering a good pizza.

Trattoria Antonio La Trippa Traversa Michele Pietravalle, 62/70 -

Il Ristorantino dell'Avvocato

Avvocato Restaurant

Il Ristorantino dell'Avvocato, literally translated as the lawyer's little restaurant, has nothing to do with the legal world. The atmosphere is intimate and cosy, the perfect complement to the restaurant's delicious dishes. Here, the main ingredients of Neapolitan gastronomy are the starting point for creative, tempting dishes that combine tradition with the latest culinary innovations. Customers who are not sure what to order can choose between two tasty menus, one inspired by freshly caught seafood and the other based on meat, seasonal vegetables and dairy products. Il Ristorantino dell'Avvocato is all about creativity and refinement, and is recommended for those who want to experience the distinctive flavours of Naples in a contemporary setting.

Il Ristorantino dell'Avvocato Via Santa Lucia, 115 -

Trattoria Scugnizzi al Vomero


The trattoria in Vomero offers generous portions and traditional dishes. They are served in the typical "Caccavelli", in copper pots or even in wooden boxes. The most popular dishes are seafood, such as fritto misto (mixed fried fish) or cod kebabs, not to mention the pistachio and white chocolate dessert. The ingredients are of high quality and the value for money is good, especially considering the location of the restaurant. The same goes for the pizzas.

Trattoria Scugnizzi al Vomero Via Luigi Caldieri, 53/61 -

La Campagnola

Campagnola Restaurant

Located in the famous Via dei Tribunali, the Trattoria 'La Campagnola' immediately makes its position clear with its sign: 'Here you can eat well and spend a little time'. The menu changes daily and is based on traditional Neapolitan dishes, all prepared by the owners themselves, including traditional dishes such as crocchè or fried zucchini flowers (both highly recommended). Traditional desserts are served at the end of the meal and, of course, coffee.

La Campagnola Via dei Tribunali, 47 -

Ciro a Mergellina

Ciro Restaurant

Ciro a Mergellina takes its name from the district of Naples where it's located. Mergellina is the site of the city's beautiful promenade, with panoramic views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius, with the picturesque hill of Posillipo in the background. Mergellina is one of the most picturesque and delightful areas of the city. The restaurant surprises its customers with an extremely wide menu of delicious dishes. Fresh fish (seafood, shellfish, swordfish, lobster, cod and many others) is the main ingredient and is used in a way that interprets traditional recipes in a more refined way that is in line with contemporary tastes.

Ciro a Mergellina Via Mergellina, 21 -

What's the Difference Between an Osteria and a Trattoria?

Osteria or Trattoria? Both serve Italian food, but with a subtle difference that requires a plunge into history. The word osteria refers to hospitality and comes from the Latin 'hospes'. Osterias date back to the Middle Ages and were mainly found along trade routes. They served as resting places for horses and offered accommodation and, above all, wine! In the beginning, there were no real meals available; the food that was available was meant to accompany the drink. It was only later that the osteria began to resemble an inn, offering more conventional services such as meals and bedrooms. The oldest osteria in Italy is the Osteria del Sole in Bologna, where, true to its reputation, you can drink wine with a snack, order lunch at the bar and eat it at a table.

So, what is a trattoria? There are two main differences from an osteria: Firstly, they are usually very affordable, and secondly, they serve local or regional dishes. The trattoria therefore plays a very important role in local tourism. A trattoria usually has only a few dishes on the menu, which are authentic and usually very tasty! Trattorias always cook with good local ingredients and products. The interior of the trattoria is usually quite rustic as well.

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Osteria Donna Teresa

Nonna Teresa Restaurant

Osteria Donna Teresa is a little gem in the centre of the Vomero district. The staff is very helpful and makes you feel welcome. The menu is based on traditional dishes using seasonal produce. Try the meatballs in tomato sauce and the delicious ziti alla genovese, as well as the other homemade dishes and the house wine. The prices are reasonable. However, there are only a few tables, so you may have to wait a while.

Osteria Nonna Teresa Via Michele Kerbaker, 58 - +390815567070

Trattoria Da Nennella

Da Nonella Restaurant

The Trattoria Da Nennella is a staple of the ancient Neapolitan popular cuisine, known since the post-war period for its pasta and potatoes with provola, the 'bell azzeccat azzeccat azzeccat', as the tradition dictates. Also very popular are pasta and beans, spaghetti with seafood, linguine with cuttlefish, grilled cuttlefish and fried seafood. Good prices, excellent quality and lots of folklore, and who knows, you might even bump into one of the many celebrities who visit this place.

Trattoria Da Nennella Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 103/104/105 -

Locanda N'tretella

Ntretella Pizzeria

This trattoria, named after Pulcinella's girlfriend, seats just 25 people and is located in the heart of authentic Naples. There's no menu, but you can choose between two complete menus, one from the sea and the other from the land, because the quality of the ingredients is guaranteed by the Slow Food Presidium. Not to be missed are the fish dishes, the Genovese, the fusilli with sauce and ricotta, the typical scarparielli and the amazing traditional desserts such as pastiera and babà. Prices are normal for an unforgettable dining experience!

Locanda N'tretella Vico Maddalenella degli Spagnoli, 19, 80132 Napoli NA

Palazzo Petrucci

Petrucci Restaurant

Palazzo Petrucci was opened in 2006. In a city so attached to its traditions, chef Lino Scarallo has created a restaurant where the basic principles of Neapolitan cuisine are reinvented and presented in surprising ways, respecting the flavours of the freshest seasonal products. Scarallo takes tasty and simple local dishes and transforms them into more elaborate and refined dishes, not forgetting the visual pleasures of colourful and meticulous presentation. The success of Palazzo Petrucci is all the more incredible because the restaurant is located in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, in the heart of the city's historic centre, where competition is fierce.

Palazzo Petrucci , S. Domenico Maggiore, 5/6/7, 80134 Napoli NA -

Gino e Toto Sorbillo


The connection between Naples and pizza was made in heaven. No other city in the world celebrates pizza as much as Naples. It's hard to say where the best pizzas are in Naples. But all things considered, I think Sorbillo wins. Tucked away in a maze of narrow streets in the historic centre of the city, Sorbillo's pizzas, which range from the simple and classic to the more imaginative, are downright delicious and expertly prepared by the best Italian pizzaioli. The restaurant is always busy. Waiting times can easily reach an hour, especially in the evening. But most diners find it worth the wait.

Other pizza places to try in Naples, include Dal Presidente, Di Matteo, Da Michele and Brandi, which claims to have invented the classic Margherita pizza.

Gino e Toto Sorbillo, Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Napoli NA -

Friggitoria Vomero


Another side of Neapolitan cuisine is a range of fried snacks, usually in the form of street food. They may not be the healthiest, but they're irresistible and a great way to pick up a quick bite while exploring the city. The extraordinary variety of these specialities includes panzarotti (potato croquettes), arancini (breaded rice balls), fried zucchini flowers or slices of eggplant, calzoni and other specialities. They are all traditionally served in a paper wrapper in the shape of a cone, known as a cuoppo. Among the many friggitorias selling these delicacies, which can be found on every street corner in Naples, the Friggitoria Vomero is considered to be the best in the city. It also has the advantage of being located in Vomero, the most fashionable and trendy area of the city.

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