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Rifugio Hope Sicily
Laura and Frederica with a stray in the Temple valley in Sicily

South Sicily - The heatwave is a cause for concern for our four-legged friends in Sicily. Even though municipalities in Italy are required to address the issue of stray dogs and roaming cats, the funds for this are often not available. And when they are available, they are not enough during extreme temperatures. Help us support one of the hardest-hit animal shelters in Agrigento.

The Need for Better Facilities

Don't worry, there are no distressing stories in this post. But unfortunately, they do exist, as the temperatures in the region where we run this small campaign for, are currently infernal. In the region of Agrigento, the hottest temperatures in Europe have been recorded this week - 40 °C and above - this is no longer the exception as last year it was over 48 °C in mid-August, officially the hottest spot in Europe. With these African temperatures on the way, our friends at the animal shelter are on high alert. This summer there is more need than ever for better water installations, cooling systems, and emergency shelters for animals affected by the heat.

Rifugio Hope

The HOPE Foundation: A Place of Peace and Love

You might already be familiar with the HOPE Foundation. The shelter was established in 2012 in Sicily, in Agrigento, with the aim of creating a place of peace and love, surrounded by nature. A place where the misery of neglect and cruelty prevalent in the region is left behind. It's a place where the small guests receive warmth and genuine love from some special people who firmly believe they can make a difference. The situation in Southwest Sicily has already significantly improved thanks to the team, though there is always a shortage of funds for expansion in the region.

My Personal Experience with Rifugio Hope

My own dog also comes from this region and was taken in as a puppy at Rifugio Hope. They send several dogs to adoptive parents in the north of Italy every week, with the cooperation of (formerly) Alitalia. Everything is perfectly arranged by Laura Samaritino and her team. All adoptive parents are visited at home by a team of volunteers before an animal is placed. These volunteers work throughout Italy and often offer a new home to animals from the south. Unfortunately, help sometimes comes too late, but you have never seen Laura give up easily. She always does her best to arrange medical help and shelter for the dogs and cats picked up from the streets and brought to 'Rifugio Hope'. The foundation is almost continuously in debt to local vets for sterilizations, vaccinations, surgeries, and blood transfusions. Watch this video of my Maggy arriving at Linate Airport in Milan. 

Laura in Rifugio Hope

How Can You Help?

You can help in various ways, for example with food, pesticides, and especially medicines. If you want to provide help here, you can always contact Laura or Federica at the phone number below. Or send your donation to Via dei Platani n°6, Agrigento 92100, c/o Rifugio Hope.

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Check out photos of dogs that could use your help on Facebook and photos of the work on Instagram.

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