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Christmas in Brixen in the Dolomites
Christmas in Brixen in the Dolomites

Every year there is a magic in the crisp winter air in Brixen. The scent of cinnamon, toasted nuts and honey wafts through the air and with it the joy of the feast of love and union. Music in churches and street concerts set the mood for the holy season. Garlands of fir trees and lights festively decorate the city's historic streets. The first snow on the surrounding peaks glistens all the way down to the valley and invites you to make your first descents on the perfectly groomed slopes.

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In 1991 the Christmas market was organized in Brixen for the first time. Together with Bolzano, it was the first market in Italy. During Advent, the Cathedral Square becomes the town’s 'living room', where people meet, talk, shop, and spend quality time together. The exclusive Brixen Christmas Market at the foot of the magnificent cathedral and framed by the imposing centuries-old buildings, offers visitors a charming atmosphere. Here you can find authentic handicrafts, excellent food and a carefully selected cultural program.


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This year from 26.11.21 to 6.1.22 Cathedral Square in Brixen will host the traditional wooden houses to celebrate 30 years of this important event with great news. Contemplative, local and different - original and authentic craftsmanship, the contemplative silence of winter, the anticipatory joy of waiting for the love feast, something warm in the cup and something good in the hand. These are the new features of the market, which will be conveyed by the stalls of the Christmas market in front of the Cathedral as the rich program. Sustainability and regionality determine the product range, which will consist only of high-quality products manufactured or finished in South Tyrol. Materials, production quality, and short transport thus become the brand promise to which the Brixen Christmas Market adheres, also in line with the new tourism vision for Brixen and its surroundings. Precious fabrics, handmade wool sweaters, lovingly decorated candles, glassware, South Tyrolean wood carvings, embroidered leather goods, and all sorts of other original gift ideas are offered on the stalls and in the little huts around the majestic Christmas tree erected in the center of Brixen's cathedral square. Of course, the Christmas market also offers sweet delicacies and tasty South Tyrolean specialties.

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To mark the 30 years since the first market in Italy special attention will be paid to tradition and customs. We are rediscovering a different time that makes us brush up on ancient traditions. The Christmas program in Brixen includes musical concerts, readings for adults and children, short theatrical performances. On December 4, St. Barbara's Day, so-called Barbarazweige - Barbara's branches (usually cut branches of cherry trees) will be distributed to visitors in the Cathedral Square. Tradition has it that placed in water they can bloom for Christmas as a good sign for a good new year. December 7 is dedicated to St. Ambrose, the patron saint of beekeepers and wax makers. In the past, these professions were of great importance during the Advent season, as many beeswax candles were needed. For the occasion this year, visitors can make their own Christmas candle out of beeswax with the help of an expert and then have it blessed during Holy Mass in the cathedral. Candles on the balconies and windows on the evening of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, will give a special light to the whole town. The longest and darkest night of the entire year is the Night of St. Thomas. December 21 has been associated with many oracles since time immemorial. Local custom says that December 21 is the traditional day for baking zelten, the typical South Tyrolean Christmas cake made of dried fruit and nuts. The prepared delicacies are then eaten on December 26 along with all the family members. Under the guidance of a master baker on Saint Thomas Day visitors can prepare their own cake, to be taken away as a sweet souvenir. Performances by local choirs in various advent concerts, handcrafted crafts and carriage rides through town create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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In need of a little exercise? Only 7 km away from the center you will find more than 40 km of ski slopes of various levels, toboggan runs and countless winter hiking trails with or without snowshoes to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Dolomites. Market, skiing, snowshoeing and sledding and then, at nightfall, an unforgettable moment that will make the Christmas season special: the light musical Liora. The preciousness of an instant in the courtyard of the Hofburg, the Bishop's Palace.

Christmas in the Dolomites

This is a completely new show, made of lights and music, where two actors in the flesh will interact with the images projected on the Palace, will sing live and will bring the audience into a world of emotions and magic. The magical setting and light projections were once again created by French lighting artists Spectaculaires - the creators of Soliman's Dream. In a new winter fairy tale, Liora, TickTack and other characters will enchant visitors with lavishly colored images, specially composed music by Stephen Lloyd and live singing and take them on a truly extraordinary journey. The script, written especially for Brixen, explores the question of how futile it is to cling to happiness, lock it up in crates and put it in chains, when happiness cannot be captured.