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Demo ChatGPT technology by Eyelevel AI on Dolcevia.com
Demo ChatGPT technology by Eyelevel AI on Dolcevia.com

If you are a frequent reader of our Italy website, you may have already noticed: a new chat window has been placed in the bottom right corner. In this article, I'll tell you a bit more about this beta chat technology provided by Eyelevel A.I. We have been chosen to test a derivative technology of the well-known A.I. ChatGPT engine on our website, and it's one of the first in the world.

This chat function works similarly to Chat GPT which you must have heard about by now unless you've been living in a cave on the South Pole for the past few months. The discerning minor detail, which makes it different to ChatGPT is that in this case most of the answers can be found in back in the Dolcevia.com's archives. Obviously it's still 'only' a robot giving answers, but in this case a robot with Artificial Intelligence and therefore quite smart and somewhat intuitive. This innovative application was built by the technology company EyeLevel AI in Colorado (USA) and is not widely available on the European market but we're hoping it will get here soon. It is important to understand that Eyelevel AI has released this to us as a beta release, and it may take several beta releases before it can be more widely available.

Simple questions still work best for ChatGPT

The chat function speaks through using Natural Language Processing just like ChatGPT, this means the robot speaks quite naturally as if you were chatting with a real person. If you want to speak in English, Italian or another language, that's an option, why don't you give it a try!   Despite the fact that the robot is super intelligent, there are times when an answer might just be wrong. We're aware of that, and this is partly why we are running a beta and not a finished tech product. To help this technology evolve to be able to give better answers, it needs some practice and training in the real world. Up to now, our experience is that 'logical questions' work best.

So as an example:

"What are the opening hours of the Vatican Museum?" instead of "When should you not go to the Vatican Museum?".

'Where can I park the car in Florence?' instead of 'Where can I park for free in Florence?'

The more questions you ask the chat robot, the better we can analyze its answers to make sure the robot gives better answers next time! So ask away in all sorts of ways, but keep using common sense. If the answer doesn't seem logical to you then it probably isn't.

Reset chat

If you get many wrong answers, it is sometimes necessary to reset the chat, this is the same problem if you have access to ChatGPT beta by Open AI. You do this by typing the text "reset chat" and pressing enter. This will erase the history of your previous chat and start with a clean slate. Why is this important? Because the robot builds on questions you have asked in the past, so the AI is somewhat intuitive.

Next versions of ChatGPT

Soon there will be major improvements to ChatGPT technology, the next version of the Open AI technology will of course also mean an upgrade for any derivative technology products such as this one. If you're interested we can keep you updated on next releases. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay up to date with developments. 

Your opinion is important

Feedback is most important to us right now. If you have comments or questions about how this technology works or notice that it could be better with simple changes, don't fail to let us know. You can write an email to elisabeth@dolcevia.com or comment using the form below. 

Why was Dolcevia.com chosen as a test website voor ChatGPT?

Dolcevia.com is a media production by Harper Douglas Max this company engages in digital book publishing, digital content licensing, digital map creation, website maintenance and sales of CRM products such as this type of ChatGPT technology. If you are interested in a demo or using this technology on your website, please contact elisabeth@hdm.agency.

Who is Eyelevel Artifical Intelligence?

EyeLevel A.I. is a Colorado-based technology company founded by product and technical leaders who were already involved in the creation of the IBM Watson product division. At IBM, the founders saw first-hand how fast AI language technologies were improving. At the same time, they saw how inaccessible these technologies were for most companies, both in terms of cost and complexity. Therefore in 2019, they began the mission to make next-generation speech AI technologies such as ChatGPT technology accessible to every business. EyeLevel.ai was among the first users to access GPT-3 and began developing its own plug-and-play architecture around this technology as early as 2020. Read more at https://www.eyelevel.ai

If you are a potential investment partner for EyeLevel Artificial Intelligence, please contact us, we will be happy to help you further by referring you to the right person.