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Castelfalfi Resort Tuscany
Castelfalfi Resort Tuscany

Step back in time, some 2500 years, and enter the fascinating world of Castelfalfi in Tuscany, a place rooted in Etruscan civilization. Discover Etruscan burial grounds and the natural beauty of the land, evidence of their presence. Today, it's a luxurious resort with hotels, villas, apartments, a golf course and an adventure park.

From Etruscans to Medieval Heritage

Ever wondered how how a place gets its name? It is possible Castelfalfi's name is derived from Faolfo's military fortress, a Lombardic king. It might be even 200 years older than officially dated.

Medieval Charm of Castelfalfi in Tuscany

Romantic castle Castelgalfi in Tuscany

In 1139 Castello di Castelfalfi changed hands for a mere hundred lire. Imagine the splendor of 13 churches that once stood on the estate! Later, Castelfalfi came under the authority of the Republic of Florence, a major power in the Middle Ages.

From Renaissance to the 20th Century

Castelfalfi's rich history includes the Renaissance, transforming the castle into a villa. Stroll through peaceful alleys and envision the daily life of a large farm once managed by the Medici family.

Modern Times and Restoration of Castelfalfi in Tuscany

The 20th century brought new developments to Castelfalfi, like the construction of a tobacco factory. After the WW2 a period of decline followed, but in 1982, the estate was purchased by investors, however ten years later the village had decline ever further, as nothing had been done. At that time, TUI, a large touroperating company in Europe took over and initiated an ambitious restoration project to create a luxury resort catering to all a customer could ever wish for.

Two hotels were set up: a 5-star hotel in a new complex with stunning views from the back side of the building (avoid the rooms in the front), but it turned out to be a somewhat monotonous architecture with a chic but rather dull decor, despite the beautiful flower arrangements brightening the lobby.

Castelfalfi in Tuscany

The second hotel (4-star) is housed in the old tobacco factory 'Tabaccaia,' it has more charm and atmosphere. On the estate there are villas, farmhouses, and apartments. As a critic observed, "they transplanted the functional German style into an old Italian village." TUI has since sold it to an Indonesian investor, managed through a Dutch Holding. TUI still mediates and offers attractive discounts on room rates on their website. Some of the old buildings on the Castelfalfi estate were lovingly restored into private villas and apartments, which have definitely more charm than the hotel rooms, they are also available on platforms like Airbnb.

Golf at Castelgalfi

A Contemporary Paradise: Castelfalfi in Tuscany

But today, the Castelfalfi resort in Tuscany is a vibrant sanctuary, boasting a splendid 27-hole golf course (the largest in Tuscany) and an organic farm producing fantastic wines and olive oil. A large adventure park has recently been added, ensuring endless entertainment for the younger guests. While parents golf, kids are taken care of in two clubs—one for little ones and another for older children.

adventure park CastelFalfi

Castelfalfi is more than just a luxury resort; it's an exemplary company of sustainability, with artificial basins for harvesting rainwater and modern water purification systems. The estate's farm is organic and supplies the village's 5 restaurants with necessary ingredients, including one with a Michelin-starred chef. The village's shopping street has several charming boutiques for exclusive souvenirs to take home.

Castelfalfi in Tuscany: More Than a Place

CastelFalfi in Tuscany

Castelfalfi is not just a place; it's a vibrant story in the heart of Tuscany, rich in history, luxury, and modern sustainability. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, or a history buff, this enchanting destination in Castelfalfi in Tuscany, awaits you to uncover its secrets. Book your stay and become part of this ancient tale in this beautiful place in Tuscany.

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