Aldo´s Bar at Hotel La Siranuse
Aldo´s Bar at Hotel La Siranuse
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Are you looking for a good Italian restaurant with a phenomenal view? If you have time and room in your stomach, you can have excellent food every day for a reasonable price during your entire stay. However, some people might want to dig a little deeper for a table with a fantastic view and good food. Many of the 'celebrated' restaurants serve, in my opinion, dubious quality for an excessive price. That's a pity, because there are plenty of restaurants that are worth it.

Top restaurants with a view in Italy

Eating out in Italy has changed a bit since the Corona pandemic, so you'd better make a reservation, at least if you want to visit one of the popular restaurants during your holiday. There is nothing more annoying than arriving to such and such an oasis and then not being able to stay because you did not reserved a table in advance. Even if you are planning to go for an aperitif, call first, it is such a small effort. You suddenly see a lot more terraces. Before the Corona you had to search for a restaurant with a terrace, that has completely changed, every corner and square inch of the pavement has been taken up with chairs and tables, even at every bar.

Anyone who knows of a nice restaurant where you can eat well and with an excellent view to add to my list should pass it on to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Our list is by no means complete, I would even say it is just the tip of the iceberg. Italy has beautiful spots and there will always be a restaurant nearby that capitalizes on its view with a beautiful terrace.

Podere Il Casale

Podere Il Casale in the Val d'Orcia

A nice place to start. Not a Michelin-starred restaurant, but a great culinary tip! An excellent organic restaurant in Pienza with an unparalleled view over the Val d'Orcia, and fortunately, you can also eat very well here. There is even a farm shop every Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00, where you can not only find products from the farm, but also ready-made dishes from their kitchen, freshly baked bread and fresh vegetables from the garden. If you are not hungry take at least a piece of home-made cheese made from raw milk or some of their organic olive oil.

Via Podere Il Casale, 64, 53026 Pienza SI - Tel. 0578 755109 - Website: Price € 50-75 per person

Ristorante Il Vigneto in Piedmont

Ristorante il Vigneto in Roddi, near Barolo in Piedmont

The terrace of this restaurant is located on an elevation in the middle of the garden of this beautiful resort hotel amidst the Nebbiolo vineyards, with 360° views. You can expect first-class cuisine here too, with mainly local dishes such as vitello tonato and pasta 'plin' or truffles when in season. You can also enjoy a cheese platter with a wide variety of Piedmontese cheeses such as the Robiola di Roccaverano, Blu del Moncenisio and Castelmagno.

Località Ravinali, 19, 12060 Roddi CN - Tel. 347 428 6660 Website: Price: €75-100 per person
Ristorante Do Spadin

Do Spadin in Camogli

An excellent fish restaurant opposite the town of Camogli almost at Punta Chiappa. Spectacular views of the gulf as far as Genoa in a quiet bay. Everything has to arrive here by boat, including you, unless you prefer to take the trail. It is a lovely walk from Camogli past a chapel dating back to 1100, but it takes an hour there and an hour and a half back. Perhaps you prefer to take the boat! There is also a water taxi.

Via San Nicolo' 55, 16032, Camogli- Tel. +39 185 770624 - Website: Price €100-200 per person.
 Balzi Rossi

Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia

Of course, we cannot forget this restaurant. Leading journalist Marco Trabucco of the newspaper La Repubblica called it one of the best fish restaurants in the region. It does not yet have a Michelin star, but it will not be missing for long, I think. The young chef is Riccardo Marcenaro. This historic bastion of Italian cuisine on the French border has recently undergone a facelift: there is now a new, elegant and contemporary dining room, though the spectacular views of the Côte d'Azur from the small terrace have remained unchanged. The kitchen has its roots in the past with dishes that have been served here for decades, now reinterpreted with a skilful touch of modernity.

Via Balzi Rossi, 2, 18039 Ventimiglia IM - Tel. 0184 38132 - Website: Prices à la carte €125 per person - Degustation menu €85
The Piazza Funtanin, the address of the same-named restaurant

U Funtanin in Ventimiglia

I can't leave Ventimiglia without mentioning a budget alternative. High above the gulf of Ventimiglia, in the old town centre just past the western gate. (My advice: don't eat at the beach, if you can get a table here, definitely do so). The restaurant, since being refurbished and the terraces rearranged, has an incomparable view of the brand new marina. In the evening, it is very cosy and the breeze from the sea makes the summer heat more bearable. You do sit 'on the street' unlike the other restaurants on my list. The menu is focused on fish dishes, but you eat well and everything is fresh and beautifully presented. Always busy, so make reservations. Every Sunday from November to June - 11am to 2pm - American brunch.

Piazzale Funtanin, 3, Ventimiglia IM Tel. 0184 231209 - Website: Price: €40-50 per person
Restaurant La Sponda by Le Sirenuse

La Sponda in Positano (Hotel Sirenuse)

This restaurant has indeed one of the most glorious views of the town of Positano, the view from the bar 'Aldo's' is actually even better, but they usually don't tell you that. The only drawback is that the restaurant is incredibly large and split into two parts of which the inside part has hardly no view at all. The terrace, on the other hand, has a sublime view. The food is not bad either, but perhaps it is at a price/quality ratio I do not appreciate. I have to admit, however, that it has been a number of years since I was there.

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano SA Tel. +39 089 875066 - Website: Price €100-120 per person - Cocktails at Aldo's about €15-25 per person or a plate of oysters from €35 (menu link)
 Restaurant Il Riccio - Copyright Corriere della Serra

Restaurant Il Riccio on Anacapri

Already awarded with a Michelin star for a few years, it is one of the ''places to be'' in Italy. The restaurant has a great atmosphere which is almost of a different time. The 'Hedgehog' (translated), with its deep blue tables and white accessories and view on the Blue Grotto, reminds you of the swinging sixties and lots of hedonism. The adjoining hotel is superbly decorated, having just reopened last year after a thorough renovation. Chef is Salvatore Elefante. What should you eat here? Of course the famous Spaghetti alla chitarra with sea urchins. The terrace of the neighbouring Lounge Bar (Il Riccio Sea Lounge) which has the best view has been chosen by the fashion house Dior to present the exclusive Dior Riviera capsule, Toile de Jouy motifs and the Dior bayadère stripes cover cushions, umbrellas and personalized beach huts in the lounge area.

Via Gradola, 4, 80071 Anacapri NA - Tel. 081 837 1380 Website: Price per person approximately €100
La Terrazza of the Eden Hotel

Ristorante La Terrazza at the Eden Hotel in Rome

Highly ranked in terms of views over the rooftops of historic Rome, but the food manages to surpass that. La Terrazza is a Michelin-starred restaurant and its culinary experiences are a perfect blend of textures, flavours, top ingredients and, of course, hospitality. Indulge in a phenomenal tour de force of culinary enjoyment here. Good wine pairing with the tasting menu. You can also have dinner in the adjacent restaurant Il Giardino, part of the hotel, less exclusive, but with a beautiful view (open 7.00-23.00 non-stop) after 23.00 only for hotel guests.

Via Ludovisi, 49, 00187 Roma RM - Tel. 06 4781 2752 Website: - Price € 130 - 200 per person.

Those who want the same view at a fraction of the price can also enjoy a drink at the lounge/bistro/terrace of the new Rinascente on Via del Tritone. The garden of Ristorante Orazio

Ristorante Orazio in Rome

Anyone who wants to enjoy the view has to walk into the garden. Especially during sunset, an unparalleled view of the ruins of the Caracalla Thermae. How many times have I snuck out here to have a cigarette on the lawn during the courses (when I was still smoking - smoking is very bad for your health!). The restaurant is located in the middle of the Porta Capena park, generally known as the "archaeological promenade" because of its proximity to such notable ancient sites as the Circus Maximus, the Palatine Hill, the Settizodio, the stretch inside the Aurelian Walls of the Via Appia Antica, with its famous and important tombs and the Caracalla Baths. Orazio may not be a Michelin-starred restaurant, but you always eat well here (and significantly better than in a typical tourist restaurant in the centre), the location is quiet and the service is impeccable: hospitality all round.

Via di Porta Latina, 5, 00179 Roma RM - Tel. 06 7049 2401 Website: Price € 60 - 100 EUR per person.
The multi-level terraces of Angel Roofbar  Angel Roofbar at Hotel Calimala

Angel Roofbar at the Hotel Calimala in Florence

The Angel Roofbar & Restaurant is located on the roof of the beautiful Hotel Calimala, right in the centre of Florence. This stunning multi-level oasis in the middle of the historic centre offers a breathtaking 360° view of the city. It has indoor and outdoor seating, comfortable lounge areas and relaxing music that will put you in the mood to stay a while and enjoy the moment. Open from early morning to midnight. The food is good, not Michelin star level, but creatively presented, fresh ingredients and democratically priced. You should definitely make reservations here. Brunch is possible.

Via Calimala, 2, 50123 Firenze - Tel. 339 411 3863 Price €50-75
 Villa Dorata in Val di Noto

Vivia in Val di Noto, Sicily

Viviana Varese starts again, and this time from a terrace. She is the inventor of a new phenomenon: the pop-up chef! Incidentally, she has also been awarded a Michelin star. This summer, she will be cooking at an estate with a spectacular location just outside the city limits of Noto in Sicily. She previously chose Lake Garda, also with panoramic views. "Viva La Terrazza" is a contemporary osteria, a meeting of the culinary past and present. You will find "Country House Villadorata" among the hills of Val di Noto, just outside the baroque town of Noto, with churches and noble palaces and the enchanting countryside, it is a late 19th century farmhouse converted into an organic farm with 25 hectares amid olive trees, almond trees, citrus trees and a small vineyard. Villadorata serves breakfast, lunch, "aperitivo" and dinner with a tasting menu to hotel guests and for the first time also to a few lucky people who are not staying at the hotel. Make your reservation now!

VILLADORATA Country Restaurant Contrada Portelle, Noto SR - Opening 1 June 2021 - Website: Tel. +39 09311810229 / +393428163083 Or search offers via Booking. com
View of the Val di Noto


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